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7 Tips for Your Honeymoon to Ensure You Have the Best Time

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Congrats on your upcoming wedding! It really is a magical time in a couple’s life together. But we understand how this planning process comes with challenges. Throw in creating a memorable honeymoon and it seems impossible. But we’ve got 7 tips for your honeymoon to ensure you can plan it and have a fabulous time!

Chris and I considered hiring someone to plan our honeymoon to Southeast Asia during our wedding planning days. But in the end, we planned it ourselves and it turned out better than we could’ve imagined! So we’re going to share our tips so that you can easily plan and enjoy this romantic time in your lives!

Did you plan your own honeymoon? Let us know your tips in the comments or you can reach us on Twitter @wwhoneymoon, Instagram @worldwidehoneymoon, or email [email protected].

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Time Stamps Tips For Your Honeymoon:

  • 0:20- Intro
  • 0:37- Updates/chat
  • 7:09- Highlight of the week
  • 14:37- Topic intro
  • 16:32- #1 of the tips for your honeymoon: Consider timing
  • 18:20- #2: Weighing pros and cons of going right after the wedding
  • 22:45- #3: Get both parties involved
  • 25:09- #4: Be mindful of finances
  • 32:28- #5: Leave time for spontaneity and relaxation
  • 34:23- #6: Personalize your honeymoon for you
  • 37:06- #7: It is okay to do nothing
  • 38:18- Wrap up

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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