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Where Travel Bloggers Honeymoon

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Travel experts, world travelers, you name it, many travel bloggers have probably been there. So where do they honeymoon? Check out where travel bloggers honeymoon below!

Best Beaches in Thailand- Railay

Southeast Asia

Kat from World Wide Honeymoon

I couldn’t write a post without showing where we were going, right?

Culture, temples, jungles, beaches… and food! All of these things drew Chris and me immediately into choosing Southeast Asia for our honeymoon. We never have been the lay-on-a-beach-all-day for a week type of couple. We want adventure! Even as you read our blog, you’ll notice us planning trips for Peru, South Africa, and more where we are always down to try something new. So with our honeymoon, it was a no-brainer to choose a far-flung part of the world we had never been to but have always wanted to go!

From the buzzing city of Hanoi to the sleepy shores and karst mountains of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam was high on my list. Chris was down for the giant, ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, as well as hanging out with elephants at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. After that, we decided we had to visit a Thai island that is more calm and less party but with plenty of snorkeling and site seeing opportunities, so Koh Lipe here we come! And lastly, we couldn’t visit Thailand without visiting the capital of Bangkok, explore the floating markets, and try all the food. To sum it up, Southeast Asia is a dream we’re excited to have.

We’ve been on beaches. I’ve explored the amazing cities of Europe (and we’re planning to go back next year!). We checked off a huge bucket list item: going on safari (although we’d go back and do that over and over again). So it was time for a new adventure together, with a bit of luxury thanks to upgraded flights with points and saving that money for smaller, authentic boutique hotels. Join our adventures in November as we explore this region of the world!

Aitutaki Lagoon, Cook Islands

Photo by Melissa from Idyllic Destination.

Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Melissa from Idyllic Destination

I had always dreamt of an island paradise honeymoon. Visions of destinations like the Maldives and Tahiti floated dreamily in my head. Overwater bungalows set above crystal-clear water and pristine white sandy beaches. That’s how I came across the secluded Pacific island called Aitutaki. Part of the Cook Islands, Aitutaki offers all the romance and beauty of its more famous counterparts such as the Maldives and Tahiti, without the mass commercialization.

We decided to splash out and stay in one of only seven overwater bungalows at the Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa. In fact, they’re the only overwater bungalows in the Cook Islands. This is an adults-only resort and is set on the private island of Akitua, separated from the main island by an astonishingly blue lagoon. Not surprisingly it’s very popular for destination weddings and honeymoons, often described as ‘the most romantic destination on earth’.

Aitutaki is the type of destination where you can do as little or as much as you want, and not feel guilty about the former. As you’d imagine with any remote tropical island, water sports are the most common activity. Our activity of choice was snorkeling. A little more relaxing than some of the other adventure activities.

Aitutaki offers the relaxed atmosphere and exceptional hospitality you’d expect from any Pacific island getaway. This combined with being set in a secluded tropical island paradise with five-star luxury, it really is the most romantic honeymoon destination. 

Beach in Patmos, Greece

Photo by Theresa from Adventures in Middle-Aged Travel.

Patmos, Greece

 Theresa from Adventures in Middle-Aged Travel

It’s been almost 20 years since my honeymoon, but I’ve never regretted going to the Greek island of Patmos.

We chose it because a family member had a coworker whose parents owned a vacation rental on Patmos, Chrisantonis Studio Apartments. It may seem a somewhat convoluted way to choose a place, but you have to remember it was 1999 and we didn’t rely on the internet as much as we do now. Plus, I had always wanted to go to Greece.

Patmos is not a party island, and that suited us just fine. We enjoyed exploring up and down the island on scooters, hiking to hidden beaches, going fishing with our host, and exploring several small towns.

This photo is from Psili Ammos beach taverna, a really beautiful and secluded beach only reachable by hiking or by boat.

One of my favorite things about dining on Patmos was that if you couldn’t decide what you wanted, the server would bring you to the kitchen and you could basically choose what you wanted from the fresh items there.

Once a day our hosts would invite us down to their apartment veranda and serve us something homemade and delicious, usually accompanied by some retsina, the local wine.

Our honeymoon was lovely and I would really like to go back there someday to see what changes there are.

Diving in Fiji

Photo by Jeremey from Coming Home Strong.


Jeremey from Coming Home Strong

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

That is exactly how we attacked our honeymoon plans. I mean, why not continue the previous day and carry it on to your honeymoon too?

For us, we chose an old favorite, a new bride, a borrowed oxygen tank and the blue thing? Well, we were surrounded by it. Let me explain.

Fiji is an amazingly relaxed place which has the power to send any lingering wedding stress right out to sea. The second we stepped on to the island, we felt the coconut flavored air fill our lungs and the chilled tunes of a nearby ukulele to get our feet tapping.

We split our honeymoon into two parts. Five days at an all-inclusive resort, then five days on a secluded island.

Now, normally Joanna and I aren’t ones to sit around a pool and put our feet up for the week; heck we’ve run a marathon in Antarctica and climbed to Everest Base Camp. This would be interesting.

The first day at the Naviti Resort was hard. We went out to find the golf driving range where you could hit balls into the ocean then snorkel out to find them. We took part in the pool volleyball final, and we found ourselves constantly looking at the activities menu for things to do. Then it got easier.

Day-by-day we relaxed, finding ourselves sipping vodka cocktails by the pool and eating our weight in tropical fruits at the buffet, rather than hitting volleyballs over nets. We could get used to this.

After learning to relax, it was time to move on to an even more relaxing place. Matamanoa Island, which is off the coast of the mainland that takes 90 minutes by boat to get to.

Here, there was no choice but to lounge around the pool and read plenty of books. If it wasn’t for our something borrowed that is. We signed up to complete our PADI dive certificates on the island. This involved daily diving sessions in the crystal-clear waters, followed by a beer or two to celebrate at night.

All in all, a fabulous 10 days in Fiji, the forests are green, the sea is clear and the people are so friendly that it is hard to not want to go back.

Rocky Mountains in Denver, Colorado

Photo by Di Michelle from Slight North.

Denver, Colorado

Di Michelle from Slight North

My husband and I went to Denver for our honeymoon after our fall wedding Dayton, Ohio. We chose the destination the same way we choose most of our trips: by searching for the most budget-friendly flights on Skyscanner.

We started planning it three weeks in advance (oops) and stumbled across $76 round-trip flights to Denver on Frontier Airlines. As we both had $50 vouchers from a previous delay with them, our total was $26 per person and the decision was made.

We both love craft beer and hiking, so for us, Denver was an amazing honeymoon destination. Despite going in November, the weather was sunny and comfortable around 60 degrees every day. We went hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, visited the Garden of the Gods, took a day trip to Boulder and taste tested some of the best food and beer that Denver has to offer.

I loved every minute of our trip because it was so laid back and easy. Because we were in the US, renting a car and communicating with our Airbnb host was a breeze.

I enjoy seeing exotic destinations and exploring far-flung countries like Nepal or Egypt, but after our wedding, I was exhausted. All the planning and emotional highs left me ready to do… nothing. In the end, I was happy we decided on a destination like Denver and didn’t try to go backpacking in Europe or visit somewhere more adventurous.

Everyone has their own travel style, but for me relaxing in Denver with my new husband was the perfect way to celebrate our wedding, and I’d choose it again every time.

Bora Bora beaches

Photo by Cindy from Free Two Roam.

Bora Bora

Cindy from Free Two Roam and Karen from Cruise Ship Karen

Cindy from Free Two Roam

Simon and I chose the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort as our honeymoon destination. When I first saw Bora Bora on the TV as a little girl, I knew that I had to make it there someday. I was longing to swim in that crystal clear water, walk across that fine white sand and stay in one of those iconic overwater bungalows.

Bora Bora really is the perfect honeymoon destination. After Simon proposed, I spent more time planning our trip there that I spent planning our wedding day. It was so exciting knowing that I’d finally realize my dream.

Bora Bora is a small island in French Polynesia that is renowned for its incredible lagoon, arguably the most beautiful lagoon in the world. Landing in Bora Bora felt like we’d arrived in paradise. It’s basically impossible not to fall in love with it at first sight.

Bora Bora is perfect for honeymooners. It offers plenty of activities that you can enjoy as a couple. Whether it’s snorkeling, swimming with sharks or rays, a private safari around the island, or just relaxing in a hammock enjoying the views of Mount Otemanu, there will be something for you. You can even indulge in a couple’s massage at the resort’s spa.

One of our favorite things to do was to sit on our deck and just gaze out over the lagoon. When we felt like a swim, we’d climb down from our bungalow into the water. It felt like we were entering a giant swimming pool! It was truly breathtaking; an experience and a holiday that we will never forget.

Bora Bora beachfront hammock

Photo by Karen from Cruise Ship Karen.

Karen from Cruise Ship Karen

Last August, I was lucky enough to marry my soul mate Nick. We met working on a cruise ship and even got married on our ship.

Choosing where to honeymoon is tricky. However, we had a dream destination in mind. I became smitten with the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora when I first visited it with a ship five years ago. I adored it then but thought it would be incredible to go back there with my ‘one’ – after I found him.

In 2015, I did find him, and he fell in love with the place too when we went there together for a day with a ship the following year.

So after some careful planning (as the island can be pricey), we had it all arranged. We’d leave the ship we worked on in New Zealand at the end of our contract and deviated our flights to go to Bora Bora on the way back home.

We booked a studio apartment right on Matira Beach through AirBnB. Then I realized that we’d cross the international dateline flying from New Zealand to Tahiti, which meant we’d arrive in Bora Bora before the time we technically left New Zealand! This meant that we had no accommodation arranged for our first night. I’d noticed this while alone, and Nick didn’t know yet. Just before I emailed the Air BnB host asking to add an extra day, I decided to book us an overwater bungalow for the first night as a surprise for Nick.

He didn’t find out until the morning we arrived in Bora Bora, so it was a great surprise! We spent the whole first day enjoying the hotel – swimming in the sea straight from our balcony, snorkeling, kayaking, a romantic delicious seafood dinner, and best – watching the sun set and rise over the sea.

The second day we moved to our AirBnB for the rest of the time. It was amazing, right on Matira Beach, with everything we could need. The hosts were so hospitable and lovely we became friends with them and even their friends!

We spent the rest of our ten days there exploring the island: we took snorkel tours to swim with manta rays, reef sharks, stingrays, and to coral reefs, cycled around the island (26 miles), partied with new friends, ate very well (Poisson cru and steak frites rule), lazed on the beach, and just relaxed.

Bora Bora can be very expensive, and accommodation is the main huge thing after flights. For flights, check comparison sites, and use frequent flier points to help with the cost. I’d really recommend staying in an overwater bungalow for one night for the experience but then stay at an AirBnb or similar to the rest of the time. Eating out at roulottes (food trucks), or small local places, and getting fresh baguettes for breakfast and snacks from the supermarket instead of eating out all the time, and making use of happy hours made it a lot more affordable.

We’re actually going to be in Bora Bora with our ship the day after this article goes online (on Thursday 12th October 2018) and are so excited to go back and are meeting up with all our island friends!

It really is paradise and is worth the extra effort, and I’d highly recommend it to everyone!

Pederson Wedding

Photo by Lisa from My Snapshot Traveler.

Orlando, Florida and the Bahamas

Lisa from My Snapshot Traveler

Being an Alaskan fisherman on a boat for many years, I was surprised when my husband suggested we take a cruise for our belated honeymoon. We got married a few months ago, but due to busy schedules, we have to wait until the end of October for our getaway. After a lot of brainstorming, we settled on the best of all worlds: a few days at Disney World and Universal Orlando followed by a three-day cruise to the Bahamas aboard the Carnival Liberty.

Call it luck or just good planning, but we’re spending Halloween at the epicenter of cinematic magic: Universal Orlando. Every year, the park hosts Halloween Horror Nights where visitors can scream their way through haunted houses and live “scare zones.” My nephew, a full-time college student in Florida, is setting his books aside on All Hallows’ Eve to perform as one of the creepy characters at the park. He won’t share who he’ll be… he wants it to be a surprise!

The day after Halloween, we’re trading our costumes for swimsuits and heading to Port Canaveral to catch our boat. Even though it will be early November, the weather is supposed to be warm. It’s a quick cruise: one day at sea and a full day in Nassau followed by one last day at sea back to port. We’re looking forward to unwinding for a few days, digging our toes into the white sands of Nassau, swimming in the turquoise water, and watching the sunset from our balcony. It’s a honeymoon that is perfectly us.

Mountains in Nepal

Photo by Michelle from Full Time Explorer.


Michelle from Full Time Explorer

A honeymoon in Nepal might sound a little crazy, but I’ve met tons of newlyweds having what I consider to be the coolest honeymoon on the books. Whether it’s doing a tandem bungee jump or white water rafting in holy rivers, this is the perfect honeymoon location for adventure seekers. But it’s also so much more than that.

Nepal is a cultural hotspot with over 120 different ethnic groups and over 130 different languages. It’s home to rare wildlife including one-horned rhinos, snow leopards, and Bengali tigers. Nepal is a popular destination for yoga and meditation, making it the perfect place to find inner peace. On the other hand, it’s up and coming in the music festival scene with incredible local DJ’s making a name for themselves.

All of that being said, the number one reason to visit Nepal on a honeymoon is simple. The views. Nothing will ever compare to waking up with the one you love in a quaint stone building with freshly made tea. Imagine wrapping yourselves in a blanket and opening the door to your room. There in front of you, the sunrise hits the white peaks of the Himalayan mountains creating soft hues of pink and purple. They’re so close you could almost reach out and touch them. If that doesn’t say romantic, I don’t know what does.

Croatia shoreline

Photo by Chantel from Voyaging Vagabond.


Chantel from Voyaging Vagabond

If you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, nightlife, and good eats but blew your travel budget on your wedding, then rest assure because I have the place for you. Croatia! Nestled along the Adriatic, Croatia offers an extensive coastline full of pristine, nearly empty beaches. Embrace your inner seafood loving beach bum and spend barely anything for some serious RNR. Coastal cities like Split and Hvar are ideal for sleeping in, spending afternoons at the beach, wandering the alleyways of Old Town in the afternoon and a romantic dinner by the ocean with the best sunset views.

Want to experience proper Croatian sailing? There are plenty of charter tours that will help you hop from island to island where you can swim your days away and get a taste of proper postcard views.

Make your way inland on one of Croatia’s inexpensive charter buses to hike waterfall filled national parks like Plitvice and Krka where the landscape looks like a scene out of the movie Avatar. Speaking of famous scenes, Game of Thrones fans can flock to Dubrovnik to walk the walls of King’s Landing and join a tour to see where iconic scenes were filmed. But as a tip, the summer months can bring hoards of tourists to Dubrovnik so going in the shoulder season may be ideal for this particular city.

Lastly, experience proper Balkan nightlife and architecture in Zagreb where you and your partner can dance the night away and spend the day happily getting lost around the city. Feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury on a shoestring budget when you honeymoon in Croatia!

So there you have it, where travel bloggers honeymoon. Some are beachy, dreamy destinations, while others are full of adventure. There are various, amazing places to honeymoon depending on the type of traveler that you are. So whether you’d love to explore Denver, swim in the perfect waters of Bora Bora, or even trek Nepal, check out these awesome bloggers and hear their stories!

Where are you honeymooning? Where is your perfect honeymoon destination? Let me know in the comments below!

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