Pros and Cons of an Airbnb Honeymoon

Picture it: you’ve got the perfect 5-star all-inclusive resort, right on the beach, honeymoon suite views, and a butler waiting on you hand and foot for your every whim. When you aren’t lounging and enjoying breakfast in bed, you’re snorkeling and kayaking to your heart’s content before tasting delectable food at one of the resort’s 9 restaurants. Does this sound perfect? It definitely does!

However, there are some downsides to that too. There’s no interaction with the local culture. No street side taco/sandwich/coconut stands for a quick snack. Even the most exclusive resorts aren’t perfect. And while I’d definitely spend a few nights in a nice resort if I could afford it/had the extra hotel points, the reality is that most of us are still recouping from the wedding. And that’s fine! Whether you can go to the 5-star resort or you’d prefer an Airbnb, I’m here to break down the pros and cons of this new home lodging service and if it’s a good option for your honeymoon.

view from balcony overlooking water

Yes, resorts have perks, but so does Airbnb!


1. More affordable

First and foremost, Airbnb is just more affordable. Whether it’s $50 a night in Toronto, to $100 a night in Aruba, Airbnb offers less expensive accommodation while still being nice. It definitely beats staying at a cheap but iffy hotel that can be a little unkempt. I’ve used Airbnb a lot during my travels and I definitely enjoy the money saving factor. It enables me to tack on a few extra days to my trip, stick to my budget, or let me splurge on something else. So maybe you’d love a fancy dinner out or helicopter ride over the city with that extra cash you’re saving by staying at an Airbnb!

2. Local experiences

What I love about Airbnb is that you can stay in more local spots. The hosts typically leave some information about local hotspots and you can adventure around. I loved staying at the Airbnb in Toronto, in a cute neighborhood west of the city. It was within walking distance of several adorable coffee shops, restaurants, and even breweries I wouldn’t have visited had we stayed downtown. We also were able to interact with locals, whether it’s the host or people at the markets close by. Overall, it’s a great way to see more of the local flair and culture. If you’re looking to do this on your honeymoon, Airbnb is a great choice.

3. Great for cooking your own meals and relaxing

Honeymoons are about pampering, but occasionally, depending on the honeymoon length, you may want to cook your own meals to save money. Or maybe you wandered around a local market and picked up some things you’d like to try cooking. Or perhaps you’d like to chill and watch some Netflix on a cozy couch because you’re homesick. Either way, Airbnb brings the “home away from home” factor. It’s easier to feel at home and enjoy a home cooked meal if you’d like.

4. Diverse options

One of the best things about Airbnb is the multitude of options. Maybe you’re looking for a trendy apartment downtown. Perhaps a large house with a hottub and sauna on the outskirts of town is your speed. Who knows? Maybe a condo with a rooftop view is your thing. Whatever your heart desires, Airbnb usually has you covered.

beers lined up during an airbnb honeymoon

Enjoying a local brewery in Toronto.



1. No all-inclusive option

As much as I enjoy Airbnb, there definitely isn’t an all-inclusive option. There aren’t tons of restaurants for you to choose from and all you have to do is swipe your room key. No free alcohol here. You may get some free coffee and cereal bars, but that’s about it. However, you do have to pay extra for all-inclusive at resorts, and most of the time, you don’t get your money’s worth than just paying for it outright.

2. No concierge to help with excursions, transportation, etc.

While your gracious host may have left behind some guides and information on what to see/do, they probably won’t have arranged your snorkel tour or airport transfer. You usually can reach out to your host with questions, but it definitely is more of an independent traveler type of accommodation.

3. No honeymoon special treatment

Whisper the word “honeymoon” in front of the concierge desk and there’s a chance they could upgrade you to a suite. Isn’t that the dream? Unfortunately, that isn’t an option with an Airbnb honeymoon. However, you could find the perfect suite of your own on their site! Either way, you probably won’t arrive with rose petals on the bed, a bottle of champagne, and strawberries dipped in chocolate. However, most hotels charge you exorbitant prices for that kind of stuff anyway.

No, it’s true that Airbnb is not the perfect option either. But it’s an option. Many couples rule this out automatically during their honeymoon, and they really shouldn’t. Rather than spending several days at a resort, perhaps supplementing a few days at an Airbnb instead will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on top of the other benefits above. Resorts are great, but sometimes, it’s not a bad idea to feel at home, wandering a local neighborhood, and enjoying the new place you’re exploring with your love.


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ocean and lifeguard umbrella on Virginia Beach

Our Airbnb in Virginia Beach was steps from the ocean. We easily would’ve paid double or triple for the same at a hotel.