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Top 10 Travel Tips for Couples

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Traveling as a couple around the world is one of the most rewarding things that you can do. That being said, it certainly comes with many challenges. Therefore this week, we’re talking all about our top 10 travel tips for couples including tips on setting up expectations, how to prevent arguments, and even planning together.

We also chat about our travel blunders and issues that we experienced so that you do not have to. So be sure to comment below and let us know all about your travel tips and where you’ve made mistakes or have funny tales as well! Who knows? We’d love to read some on future episodes!

Time Stamps for Top 10 Travel Tips for Couples:

  • 0:14- Intro and topic
  • 2:12- #1 You’ll probably argue at some point, and that’s okay
  • 5:37- #2 Communicate and agree on the pace of the trip
  • 10:20- #3 Get both parties involved
  • 13:40- #4 Perform research about activities
  • 19:43- #5 Research before heading to the airport
  • 22:38- #6 Coordinate packing lists
  • 26:20- #7 Compromise, compromise, compromise
  • 30:36- #8 Disconnect to reconnect
  • 34:24- #9 Budget in early stages and stick to it
  • 40:18- #10 Say yes to the other person- it may enhance your experience


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Top 10 Tips for Traveling Couples


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Kylie Jonathan

Thursday 26th of September 2019

Amazing post Kat ! I think traveling and hanging out 24/7 with partner for a year is the ultimate relationship test! Keep sharing.


Thursday 26th of September 2019

It definitely is! But it’s so much fun! We’ve gotten so much closer through travel. Thank you!

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