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Whether you’re backpacking around Vietnam or looking for an exciting city to add to your Southeast Asia itinerary, Hanoi is the best place to visit. From zipping scooters and unique streets to amazing food, Hanoi is sure to please all travelers. It is also incredibly affordable with many luxury hotels costing less than $100 a night.

Today on the podcast, we’re talking all things about travel to Hanoi, Vietnam including where to stay, things to do, the best food tour, and our honest opinions of the city as a whole. Be sure to take notes as we found some amazing spots in this chaotic and beautiful place.

Have you traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!



Time Stamps Travel to Hanoi, Vietnam:

  • 0:20- Intro and topic
  • 1:50- Chris’s thoughts prior to arriving in Hanoi
  • 2:59- Kat’s thoughts prior to arriving in Hanoi
  • 5:01- Kat’s first impressions
  • 6:40- Chris’s first impressions
  • 8:57- Where to stay in Hanoi/Old Quarter
  • 12:51- Things to do in Hanoi
  • 20:37- Hanoi Street Food Tour
  • 23:38- Kat’s favorite meal in Hanoi
  • 24:23- Chris’s favorite meal in Hanoi
  • 25:50- Where to eat/drink in Hanoi
  • 29:56- Best coffee
  • 33:01- Brewery in Hanoi
  • 36:30- Kat’s biggest surprise in Hanoi
  • 38:10- Chris’s biggest surprise in Hanoi
  • 39:23- Would we go back? 
  • 41:31- Wrap up


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