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Traveling the world is always an exciting prospect, and while you probably account for flights, hotels, food, etc., there are so many hidden costs and fees associated with travel that we wanted to address on the World Wide Honeymoon Travel Podcast.

So on this week’s episode, we talk about just that. We’re breaking down the top 10 hidden costs of travel that we have encountered during our adventures at home and abroad and what you should do to make sure you aren’t surprised later on. From travel clinic fees to the cost of entertaining yourself during a long layover, we cover it all.


Time Stamps for Hidden Costs of Travel:

  • 0:19-Intro
  • 0:36- Weekly update/chat
  • 5:40- Intro to topic
  • 6:18- #1: Travel Clinic/Vaccines
  • 10:50- #2: Supplies to buy
  • 13:43- #3: Airline fees
  • 17:31- #4: Cost of layover
  • 20:58- #5: Travel Insurance
  • 23:49- #6: Pet Insurance
  • 27:23- #7: Transportation
  • 31:53- #8: Souvenirs
  • 37:05- #9: Tipping
  • 41:50- #10: Impulse-buys/scams
  • 49:44- Wrap up


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Top 10 Hidden Costs of Travel