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Travel to Portugal with Alyssa and Joe Rodgers of Mexitalian

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Let’s talk travel to Portugal! Today on the podcast we have Alyssa and Joe from the Mexitalian cooking and travel blog. They love sharing recipes from around the globe on top of some travels mixed in. Today, they’re sharing their trip to Portugal with us and describing where to stay, eat, and play around this amazing country.

Check out the best places to eat, the perfect itinerary, and so much more as we dive deep into this little but mighty country that is Portugal. Learn about why they recommend it and why you should definitely consider a trip to Portugal in the near future.

Would you travel to Portugal?

Time Stamp Travel to Portugal:

  •  0:12- Intro
  • 0:30- Intro into guests and topic
  • 3:01- Weekly updates/chat
  • 6:37- Welcome to Alyssa and Joe
  • 6:45- How they started traveling together
  • 8:54- Their first trip together
  • 10:11- Their travel experience/favorite memory of traveling together
  • 11:58- What is a big reason they chose Portugal
  • 13:58- Why recommend visiting Portugal
  • 16:17- Any region they’d recommend visiting in particular in Portugal
  • 19:37- How long to spend in Portugal plus an ideal itinerary
  • 20:56- What are the Azores?
  • 23:18- What to eat/drink in Portugal
  • 26:54- Favorite restaurant while there or favorite foods
  • 29:57- Highlights of Lisbon and must-do’s around Portugal
  • 36:38- Most romantic spot in Portugal
  • 38:24- Top experience in Portugal
  • 41:43- Would they go back?
  • 44:30- Where to find them
  • 45:16- Wrap up


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Tips to Travel to Portugal


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