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Eco-Friendly Travel and Traveling with Purpose with Cassie & Nate Goodluck-Johnson from Native Nomads

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Cassie and Nate run the blog and vlog Native Nomads, all about traveling with a purpose, immersing themselves in the local culture, and leaving the world a better place than they’ve found it. Cassie has a film background and together they do promotional videos for non-profits as well as teach other people how to travel more responsibly. They also discuss eco-friendly travel and what you can do to decrease your carbon footprint.

They talk today all about their business and how you can help make the world a better place, find great volunteer opportunities that actually benefit the community, and even how to reduce your waste at home and abroad.


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Time Stamps for Eco-Friendly and Responsible Travel:

  • 0:13- Intro & topic
  • 0:38- Weekly updates/chat
  • 3:30- Intro into Native Nomads and welcome to Cassie & Nate
  • 5:30- Cassie & Nate backgrounds and travel experience
  • 12:29- Their trips they’ve taken together
  • 18:30- Most romantic destinations and their favorite destinations
  • 21:43- Native Nomads blog, vlog, and what they do
  • 25:05- How to find a volunteering opportunity abroad that you can use your skills
  • 28:50- What inspired them to create a plastic-free store
  • 31:39- Recommendations for travelers to be eco-friendly
  • 38:44- Simplest tip to help during your travels
  • 39:44- Destinations for traveling eco-friendly
  • 41:41- Eco-friendly sunscreen
  • 44:06- Tips for everyday life and the worst offenders of single-use plastic
  • 46:54- Perfectly Imperfect Produce
  • 48:08- Where to learn more and find them
  • 50:22- Wrap-up and how to help


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How You Can Help:


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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