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Best Honeymoon Destinations by Season

Best Honeymoon Destinations by Season

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According to Priceonomics and your Facebook page, wedding season pretty much falls between May through October. This means that several honeymoons will probably be taking place between late spring, summer, and early autumn. Not to mention the fact that New Year’s Eve and holiday weddings are increasing in popularity as well. Basically, people are honeymooning all year-long, and while that sounds amazing, sometimes choosing a spot can be a challenge based on the time of year.

Throw in budget factors, wanting the best weather during your honeymoon, and more, it can be difficult. Luckily, there are several options no matter what season, and you need to check them out. Read on to discover the best honeymoon destinations by season.

rows of pink and red tulips under a blue and puffy cloud sky

Is there anything more romantic than a field of flowers to frolic in?

Spring (March-May)

In the western hemisphere, spring is a time of blooming flowers and warmer weather emerging. So make the most of it and check out these amazing spots:

  1. Caribbean: Whether it’s Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, or Aruba, spring is an amazing time to visit. This time of year brings nice weather, as June begins more rainy weather and September through November is hurricane season. Go after the spring breakers and before school lets out for summer and you’ll be saving money during the off-peak times.
  2. Hawaii: Much like the Caribbean, it stays warm year-round, and April through May is shoulder season. This means you’ll save money on nicer hotels and excursions. Avoiding the holiday season and summer is your best bet to save money and embrace that warm, Hawaiian breeze.
  3. Western Europe: When I studied abroad I discovered quickly how much cheaper it was to travel before June. European summers are lovely, but they are also really crowded and much more expensive. Besides, spring in Europe is too beautiful for words. Visit The Netherlands for sprawling rows of colorful tulips in the countryside. Go to the beaches of the Amalfi Coast in Italy and have a whole beach to yourself. And even better: go to the museums of Paris without the crazy-long lines. 
purple grapes on the vine at a Napa Valley vineyard

Napa Valley may be perfect for your honeymoon.

Summer (June-August)

With peak wedding and honeymoon season underway, is it as easy to find an affordable place to honeymoon? Absolutely!

  1. Peru: With round-trip flights dropping to as low as $300 to Peru, now is the perfect time to visit. Whether you’re trying to hike Machu Picchu, or you want to take it easy and explore the world-renowned food scene in Lima, you’ll be sure to take in as much culture as possible with your love.
  2. California: If you’re honeymooning on a budget, California is the place to be. Drive down the Pacific Coast highway, see the Redwood Forest, sip wine in Napa, or explore the exciting cities from San Diego to San Francisco.
  3. Iceland: Long days and warmer weather make summer a great time to visit Iceland. While you probably have better odds of seeing the Northern Lights in the winter, you’ll be able to hike much easier and be less cold this time of year. So book your flights now and soak in the Blue Lagoon!
beach and waves at Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve

Visit the Cape of Good Hope without all the crowds.

Fall (September-November)

Maybe you’re into fall foliage and the crisp air. Perhaps you want to escape anything that is starting to resemble the cold. Either way, there’s no shortage of destinations to visit this time of year.

  1. South Africa: South Africa is at the start of spring and early summer during our fall. Traveling before the holidays in December ensures you’ll be in warmer weather, but not paying the peak season prices. Let’s not forget that the earlier in the season you go, the less crowded too. We’re talking about wineries almost to yourselves in Stellenbosch, beaches without the crowds, etc. Also, if you’re going on safari, the end of winter/early spring there is perfect, as the vegetation hasn’t grown back meaning the animals are more visible than ever. And luckily for you, South Africa in spring and summer have amazing weather and temperatures.
  2. Southeast Asia: Much like the Caribbean, this place stays warm year-round. However, summer usually brings heavy rains, and while rainy season varies throughout this region, the rain here typically blows over, especially on the beaches. So why not save a few bucks by traveling late in the fall when weather is better and the prices haven’t peaked yet?
  3. Maine: Are you a lover of fall foliage? Maine is the place to be! With harvest festivals, cozy cabins, and more, who wouldn’t love cuddling with your love on a crisp, autumn evening here?
the cathedral overlooking the Christmas market in Vienna

Christmas markets in Vienna could be your dreamy honeymoon locale.


Winter (December-February)

Winter to some is either a magical time for snuggling and reminiscing on Christmas’s past, or the absolute coldest and it’s time to get out of here! Either way, it’s an amazing time to celebrate your wedding and honeymoon.

  1. Austria/Germany/France/Switzerland: Nothing says magic quite like the European Christmas markets. Imagine strolling hand in hand, with a glass of mulled wine, smelling the sweet treats and sausages cooking on the fire, and searching for the perfect Christmas trinket to bring home. It sounds pretty much perfect. Vienna, Cologne, Regensburg, and Strasbourg are just some of the several Christmas markets to visit between December and early January. Those honeymooning after that should definitely check out the Alps for amazing scenery and winter sports.
  2. Australia & New Zealand: The benefit of these amazing countries being in the southern hemisphere is that they are entering their summer during our winter. So bring on the beach days in Australia, along with visiting the Great Barrier Reef, or maybe driving the Great Ocean Road. Or go further south to New Zealand and explore the several vineyards sprawled across the north and south islands. Maybe take the famous hike of the Milford Track and explore the fjord lands and glaciers outside of Queenstown. Either way, wine and adventure spell out the perfect honeymoon.
  3. Jackson Hole: If you love mountains and hot springs, Jackson Hole during winter is the place to go. Embrace the beauty of the mountains while soaking in natural springs. Learn to ski or take a dogsled ride while viewing the scenery. Cuddle up with your new spouse for some après ski time at the lodge with delicious food and drinks.

You can honeymoon around the world no matter the season. It’s easier than ever to find the perfect spot for you. Whether you’re traveling in summer or winter, this guide has got you covered for your most romantic trip ever.


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