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21 Best Things to Do in Rincon Puerto Rico

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Beaches, surfing, and sunsets–There are some incredible things to do in Rincon, Puerto Rico!

It isn’t difficult to fall head over heels in love with this beach town. Located in the western part of Puerto Rico, this place is known for having some of the best beaches on the island. 

And while you could certainly spend all your time enjoying the surf and sand, there are plenty of things to get up to in this small city. 

I fell in love with Rincon during my recent trip to Puerto Rico. Here, I enjoyed the beaches and even learned how to surf! 

Whether you want to get adventurous and try something new or you want to enjoy the culture and food scene, here are the best things to do in Rincon, Puerto Rico!

Beach in Rincon | Puerto Rico Itinerary in 7 Days

21 Best Things to Do in Rincon Puerto Rico

If you find yourself visiting Rincon in Puerto Rico, these are the best things to do!

1. Beach Hopping is One of the Top Things to Do in Rincon

Rincon, Puerto Rico

The beaches in Rincon are a thing of beauty. When I visited Rincon in May, I was astounded by the clear water and stunning sea life. 

So whether you’re visiting Rincon with kids, plan to surf, or you love beachcombing, there is certainly a beach in Rincon for you! 

Some of the best beaches in Rincon, Puerto Rico include Sandy Beach, Domes Beach, Steps Beach, Maria’s Beach, and Public Beach. Sandy Beach does have strong undercurrents, making it not ideal for a leisurely swim. However, it is great for long romantic walks and for finding seaglass. 

Domes Beach is named for the domed old nuclear power plant by it. This is a great beach for surfing, and is actually where surf competitions have taken place! 

Domas Beach Rincon

Steps Beach is located in the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve and is fabulous for snorkeling and scuba diving as there are a lot of elkhorn coral reefs. 

Maria’s Beach is another fantastic spot for surfing, and it is a lovely place to swim when the waves aren’t as big. 

Public Beach is definitely the easiest place to visit and more kid-friendly with its calmer waters. Here you can enjoy swimming, kayaking, and more! 

2. Take a Surf Lesson

Surf Lessons in Rincon (Best Things to Do in Rincon)

Interested in learning how to surf? Or have you surfed a little before and want to increase your skills? You can take surf lessons while you’re in Rincon! 

When I was in Rincon, I was lucky enough to take a surfing lesson with pro surfer Ramse Morales from Surf Lessons Puerto Rico. He was an incredibly patient and helpful teacher, and by the end, everyone in my group stood up on their boards and surfed a little!

I mean, when you’re in one of the best spots for surfing in Puerto Rico, you may as well try it, right?

3. Kayaking and Paddleboarding Are Some of the Best Things to Do in Rincon

Kayaking in Vieques

Want to enjoy the water from above? Then you’ll definitely want to rent a kayak or paddleboard for an hour or two! 

Test your balance as you stand up on your paddleboard or paddle around with a friend on an ocean kayak while enjoying the view. 

Places like Rincon Capital Water Sports and Rincon Paddleboards offer kayak and/or paddleboard rentals! 

Also, Rincon Paddleboards even offers guided kayak and paddle boarding tours with a snorkel option at the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve. 

Sandy beach in Rincon

4. Get Adventurous on the Water With JetSkis and Tubing

If you want to increase your speed and adrenaline out on the water, why not book some time on a jet ski or go tubing? 

Isla Aventura ups the thrills on the water with their 30-minute to an-hour rentals! 

5. Snorkel in the Caribbean Sea in Rincon

Snorkeling in Belize - Kat and Chris with their snorkels on looking at the camera

Want to swim amongst beautiful coral reefs while spotting sea turtles, stingrays, and colorful fish? You can definitely do that in Rincon! 

One of the best activities in Rincon, Puerto Rico has to be the chance to snorkel at the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve

Book a 3-hour morning or afternoon snorkeling tour to increase your chances of finding the best wildlife!

Book it here!

6. Diving is One of the Fun Things to Do in Rincon Puerto Rico

Coral reef and fish in the Red Sea, Egypt

I’m sure at this point you are no longer wondering what there is to do in Rincon, Puerto Rico in the sea. There are obviously many water sports and activities you can partake in here. 

But for those who want to go deeper than snorkeling (literally!), why not go diving? There are options for diving experiences whether you’re an experienced and certified diver or not. 

So if you want to get to the best coral reefs and spot more sea life, you’ll love the chance to take a dive tour. 

Book the Experienced Certified Divers Tour Here!

Book the Beginner Dive Here!

7. A Must-Do in Rincon: Whale Watching

Southern right whale tail

If you’re lucky enough to visit Rincon between January and March, you may be in for the most incredible opportunity to spot the humpback whales that are migrating off the coast! 

You could potentially spot them while at the El Faro de Rincon park (near the Punta Higuera Lighthouse), but if you want to get an even closer look at these incredible animals, I suggest booking a sunset cruise with Taino Divers

Of course, there is never a guarantee when it comes to spotting wildlife, but you’ll enjoy a sunset cruise nonetheless! But being able to spot these humpback whales in the wild at sunset will be nothing short of spectacular.

Book it here!

8. Rincon Town Square

Fountain in Rincon

As amazing as the beach and water adventures are, there are definitely more things to do in Rincon than exploring the sea.

In fact, you’ll love wandering around Rincon’s Town Square which is bustling thanks to its many shops, restaurants, and bars. 

9. Rincon Art Walk

Speaking of the iconic Rincon Town Square, it also hosts a weekly Art Walk on Thursday evenings. 

This beautiful square gets more lively as there is live music and locally handcrafted goods and art for sale! 

So listen to some music, enjoy a drink or two at a local bar, and perhaps shop for the perfect souvenir. 

10. Enjoy Beachside Cocktails

Spicy Mojito in Rincon

One of the best things to do in Rincon at night or during the day is to grab a beachside cocktail! 

Some great spots to do that include Tamboo Tavern, Caddy’s Calypso, and El Ancla. Also, for a poolside cocktail, opt for Aqua Pool Bar Rincon. 

Enjoy a mojito, margarita, or pina colada by the water in paradise.

To the Beach and To Work sign

11. Try the Local Craft Beer at Rincon Beer Company

If you want to try one of the best breweries in Puerto Rico, then head over to Rincon Beer Company! This place is always serving up something delicious, thanks to its 16 taps. 

Most of those taps are their own beers, but they also serve other brews from microbreweries in Puerto Rico. They also have a good food menu including fish tacos, quesadillas, guacamole, etc. 

So stop by for some lunch and brews and perhaps buy a few cans to enjoy later on!

Some beers I enjoyed include the Salty Blonde and the B.O.N.U.S. Guava Pina Gose. 

12. Grab a Delectable Coffee at La Cafetera

La Cafetera in Rincon

Want a delicious latte and breakfast sandwich? You’ll want to head to La Cafetera in Rincon! This little food truck coffee shop offers delicious coffee beverages as well as bagel sandwiches, oatmeal, and more! 

13. Wander Through the Rincon Farmers Market

Ithaca Farmers Market veggies

Who doesn’t love a farmers market? On Sunday mornings you can stroll through the town square and pick up freshly baked bread, fruits, juices, and more products to make a delicious meal of your own! 

This is a great way to begin a lovely Sunday morning while you sample and purchase some local foods and ingredients. 

It is also a great time to people-watch while trying delicious local products! 

14. Dining at Gastropark@115 is One of the Hidden Gems in Rincon Puerto Rico

This is a place where you’ll want to come hungry! This is the only indoor food truck park in the area, and it is serving up so much delicious food! 

Enjoy tasty cocktails and beer as you tuck into anything from pizza and quesadillas to sushi and tacos. Plus, on certain evenings, they’ll have live music to enjoy!

Coffee shop near Rincon

15. Admire the Many Galleries in Rincon

Aside from the weekly Art Walk, there are ample galleries to purchase local art, photography, and other pieces to take home. 

At the Secret Garden Fine Art Gallery, you can find anything from underwater photography and sculptures to paintings and sea glass jewelry. 

16. Head to Punta Higuera Lighthouse

Lighthouse in Rincon

There is an incredibly charming lighthouse overlooking the Caribbean Sea in Rincon. The Punta Higuera Lighthouse (or Faro de Unta Higuero) was originally built in 1892 by the Spanish before being rebuilt in 1922 by the US Coast Guard.

This little lighthouse is adorable, and the surrounding park is a great place to catch a sunset, go whale watching, and just relax on a beautiful Rincon day. 

17. Take in a Stunning Sunset: One of the Best Things to Do in Rincon Puerto Rico

Purple and Pink Sunset in Rincon

Searching for the best place to watch the sunset in Rincon? There are plenty! I mean, this town is along the western coast of Puerto Rico, meaning the sunsets are spectacular!

A great way to enjoy the sunset is on a sunset cruise! Also, you can grab a blanket and enjoy a romantic Rincon sunset on one of the beaches like Maria’s Beach, Steps Beach, and Domes Beach.

Another great sunset location in Rincon has to be at the Punta Higueras Lighthouse, which is a lighthouse that overlooks the sea. You can even grab a cocktail nearby at Ola Sunset Cafe during sunset too!

Sunset in Rincon Puerto Rico

18. Take a Day Trip From Rincon Puerto Rico to Cabo Rojo

Have a car and want to take a day trip from Rincon? Then head to Cabo Rojo! This area has even more beautiful sandy beaches for the perfect day trip getaway!

But for those who wish to go hiking or birdwatching, you’ll enjoy the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge! 

Regardless of what you do during your time in Cabo Rojo, you must visit the Cabo Rojo Salt Flats to admire the pink and reddish waters as you walk along the paths. 

Cabo Rojo Salt Flats

19. Sip Coffee At Nearby Cafe Mis Abuelos-Hacienda Cafetalera y Torrefactora

Did you know in the central part of the island you can find coffee farms making fresh coffee beans? While many take a bit longer to get to from Rincon, one that is closer is Cafe Mis Abuelos. 

You can visit this working coffee farm and taste probably the freshest coffee you’ll ever have- as it literally came from the plant nearby! 

If you are hoping to go on a tour, give them a call at +1-787-265-2521. 

20. Spend an Evening in La Parguera

Kat on a boat in La Parguera

Located about an hour or so from Rincon, you can spend an evening catching the sunset and snorkeling in the only bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico that you can swim in! 

Go for a sunset snorkel tour followed by a chance to snorkel in the bio bay. Enjoy the tiny microscopic plankton lighting up around you as you swim and splash in this tranquil bay. 

Mosquito Bay at Night

There are 3 bio bays in Puerto Rico, and the one in La Parguera is the closest. This makes it a great day/evening trip from Rincon! 

21. Stay at a Lovely Beach Hotel in Rincon

Tamboo hotel sign

One of the best things to do in Rincon has to be to stay at a beachside hotel! Here are a few favorites!

Tamboo: Located right on Sandy Beach, this hotel has a stunning restaurant overlooking the sea with great food. Plus, rooms here are beautifully decorated and some rooms have balconies and ocean views! 

Book it here!

Pool at Tamboo Hotel

Aqua Marina Beach Club, Inc.: Located a few steps away from the Black Eagle Marina Beach, this adults-only resort is perfect for couples! Enjoy drinks by the pool, their relaxing remodeled rooms, and access to the nearby beach.

Book it here!

Coconut Palms Inn Oceanfront: This couples-only hacienda is right across from Rincon Beach, and they provide complimentary beach towels, coolers, etc for your stay. Enjoy the terrace and beautiful views of the sea! 

Book it here!

Best Things to Do in Rincon Puerto Rico Map

Things to Do in Rincon Map
For an interactive version of this map, click here!

Is Rincon Puerto Rico Safe?

Yes, Rincon is a pretty safe town. While, of course, things happen like many other places, it is overall a pretty safe city. Just use common sense as you would in any other place (i.e. don’t wander alone at night, don’t drink too much alone, keep your belongings secure, etc.) and you’ll likely be fine. 

How to Get To Rincon Puerto Rico From San Juan

Surfboard on the beach in Rincon

Chances are if you leave San Juan, you’re going to want a car. I like to check Skyscanner for the best rental car prices. 

But from San Juan, it is about a 2.5-hour drive west. I suggest downloading offline maps from Google Maps to have just in case you lose service during your drive. 

When to Visit Rincon

Rincon Puerto Rico

The best time to visit Rincon is between December and April. This is also the more popular time to visit thanks to the dryer weather, and this is also a great time of year for surfing!

However, Rincon is pretty great to visit year-round. In fact, I visited in May and it was absolutely beautiful. The waves were much calmer but great for beginner surfers like myself. 

So if you’re hoping for calmer waters, opt for May and June. 

However, hurricane season is from June through November, usually peaking in August and September. So if you want to avoid inclement and potentially dangerous weather, I’d opt to not visit during this time. 

What to Pack for Visiting Rincon

Kat with a mojito on the beach

Shorts, bathing suits, flip flops! Seriously, it is a pretty casual beach town so no need to get too fancy. Beach days are great for your swimsuit and sandals and evenings you can wear perhaps a sundress if going somewhere a little nicer. 

Other than that, you can keep it pretty casual with shorts and short-sleeved tops. It can get pretty hot here, so you’ll definitely want to pack clothing to keep you nice and dry! 

One thing is for sure: sunscreen. All the sunscreen. The Caribbean sun is no joke and the sun reflecting off the sea is sure to give you a sunburn if you’re not careful. 

Just be sure to wear reef-safe sunscreen and reapply according to the instructions and you should be good to go. 

Sunglasses and hats are also great to protect yourself from the intense sunlight. 

Do You Need a Passport to Visit Puerto Rico?

Domas Beach in Rincon

If you’re a US citizen with a RealID you don’t need a passport to come to Puerto Rico! You can enjoy this Caribbean paradise while keeping your passport at home. 

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance!

Even though Puerto Rico is within the US, it is still a good idea to get travel insurance. This helps with lost luggage, travel delays, cancelation, etc. I love World Nomads for my travel insurance needs. 

Is Rincon Puerto Rico Worth Visiting?

I can answer this with a resounding yes! Between some of the best beaches on the main island of Puerto Rico, incredible sunset views, and lovely local culture, you can’t beat a visit to this lovely beach town. 

Whether you want to surf, eat great food, enjoy the beach, snorkel, or love local crafts, you’re going to find something to enjoy in Rincon. 

Would you like to visit Rincon? Which of these top things to do in Rincon would you most like to do? 

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These are the top things to do in Rincon Puerto Rico | Rincon Puerto Rico Things to Do | Things to Do Near Rincon | Rincon Puerto Rico Photography | Rincon Travel Guide | Best Things to Do in Rincon | Rincon Puerto Rico Surf | Rincon Lighthouse | Rincon Whale watching | Rincon Sunset | Rincon Puerto Rico Sunset | Rincon Hotel | Hotels in Rincon | Where to Stay in Rincon Puerto Rico

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