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21 Things to Do in Puerto Rico For Couples

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There are so many fun things to do in Puerto Rico for couples! I mean, when you visit an island with 3 bioluminescent bays, several stunning beaches, and amazing nature, the options for romantic places in Puerto Rico to visit are endless. 

So if you’re searching for the most romantic things to do in Puerto Rico, you’re in luck. We’ve got 21 fantastic Puerto Rico date ideas that’ll make for the most romantic getaway!

Rincon Puerto Rico

21 Things to Do in Puerto Rico For Couples

From stunning sunsets to exciting adventures, these are the top romantic things to do in Puerto Rico!

1. Visiting Old San Juan is One of the Romantic Things to Do in San Juan Puerto Rico

Umbrella street in Old San Juan

Old San Juan is nothing short of stunning. With structures that date back to the 16th century, you can stroll through Old San Juan and feel as if you’re back in time.

Walk hand-in-hand as you wander through the cobblestone streets lined with brightly colored buildings, admire the fortresses of San Felipe del Morro and San Cristobal, have a picnic on the grass in front of San Felipe del Morro, and perhaps pop into some charming cocktail bars and Caribbean restaurants. 

You could spend a couple of days exploring this part of town and enjoying all the sights together. And if you want to learn more about Old San Juan and visit Castillo El Morro, definitely book a fun walking tour

Bell on top of Castillo San Felipe San Morro

Aside from wandering around Old San Juan, it is also a photographer’s dream. If you are into photography, this would be a fun thing to do together to find beautiful places to snap photos.

Or if you want to have a fun couples photoshoot, you can even book a photographer for an hour! 

Either way, Old San Juan is a lovely place to spend some time during a Puerto Rico itinerary

2. Get Adventurous in El Yunque National Forest

Natural waterslide in El Yunque

El Yunque National Forest is a must-visit. It is also only about an hour away from San Juan. 

There is so much to do here, including hiking, waterfall spotting, swimming, and even some adventurous activities like cliff jumping into a watering hole and sliding down a natural waterslide. 

Enjoy hiking through the forest, spotting the local flora and fauna, and then muster up the courage to jump off a cliff into the water, slide down a natural waterfall, and even rope swing. 

This tour was such a fun day trip from San Juan, and it was amazing to explore this beautiful place. 

Book it here!

But whether you want to enjoy waterfalls, get adventurous, or just take a hike in the tropical rainforest in Puerto Rico, you’ll want to put this in your itinerary. 

3. Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico For Couples: Learn to Salsa Dance

Salsa Dancing

Puerto Rico is a fantastic place to learn to salsa dance! Why? Honestly, the music here is so incredible that you can’t just sit there. 

And what can be more romantic than salsa dancing the night away at a bar together? 

And if you don’t know how to salsa, then San Juan is a great place to learn. Take a salsa dancing class together to learn this iconic Caribbean dance. 

4. Savor the Flavors of Puerto Rico on a Food Tour Together

Rice, beans, and pork in San Juan

The best place for this romantic date idea in Puerto Rico is in Old San Juan. This food tour includes fun cocktails to pair with your dishes, and you’ll try Puerto Rico classics like rice & beans, fritters, and even amazing pork dishes.

You’ll definitely want to come hungry, as you’ll enjoy so many delicious dishes and cocktails! 

Book it here!

Blue building in Old San Juan

5. Enjoy a Concert or Festival Together

Puerto Rico hosts many concerts, festivals, and more throughout the year, so you’ll definitely want to partake in one while you’re here! 

The music scene in Puerto Rico is top-notch, so you’ll absolutely love attending a concert or festival together as you dance the night away! 

There are also incredibly fun festivals including Mojito Fest, Puerto Rico Beer Week, Ponce Carnival, San Sebastian Street Festival, or even the Noche de San Juan which is celebrated on the beach!

6. Sip Your Way Around Old San Juan

Drink at La Factoria

We know that Puerto Rico is definitely known for its rum and rum-based cocktails. I mean, the famous Pina Colada was invented here! 

So if you want to have a romantic and fun evening in San Juan, this is a great cocktail tour that includes 3 rum cocktails, a guided tour of Old San Juan, and even a bit about the drinking history of Puerto Rico. 

And by the end, you’ll know where to go to find fantastic cocktails to keep the party going. 

Book it here!

Caribbean Sea in Vieques

7. Visit Mosquito Bay: The World’s Brightest Bioluminescent Bay

I cannot express just how breathtaking this experience is! 

Start out by getting picked up in Esperanza on the little island of Vieques and driving to a bay nearby. At first glance there doesn’t seem to be anything remarkable about it. 

But then you start paddling toward the center of the bay and you begin to see little cloudy bits sparkling in the water. Is it just bubbles? Are you imagining it? 

By the time you get closer to the center of the bay, the water is truly glittering as you immerse your oar. 

I wish it was easy to capture on film, but alas, it is something that you’ll just have to see for yourself to believe. 

The fish swimming below light up as if they are patronuses from Harry Potter. Splashing your hand and oar in the water makes it light up and shimmer. It is truly an otherworldly experience. 

And doing this together on a soft moonlit night is even more romantic. Just be sure to get a clear-bottomed kayak to really take it all in and feel as if you’re zooming through the stars! 

Book a kayak tour here!

Mangroves near La Parguera

8. Swim in a Bioluminescent Bay in La Parguera

There are 3 bio bays in Puerto Rico, so of course I need to list them out in the romantic things to do in Puerto Rico! 

This one is incredibly special as the bio bay in La Parguera in the southwestern part of the island is the only one you can actually swim in!

Hop on this tour that starts with a sunset around Cayo Caracoles before ending in the bio bay after dark. Here, you’ll put your snorkeling gear on and jump into the dark waters.

And then you’ll start to see all your limbs light up with your movements. It is so cool to see it all around you as you swim in the bay. 

It is such a romantic evening adventure to have together, both with the sunset and snorkeling with the bioluminescent plankton. 

Book it here!

Flying into Vieques

9. Visit the Closest Bio “Bay” to San Juan

If you’re basing yourself in San Juan for your trip to Puerto Rico, you can still visit a bio bay without having to drive several hours away or take a ferry. 

About an hour and a half away is the town of Fajardo, where you can visit Laguna Grande. Technically not a “bay,” it is a lagoon connected to the sea via a long canal. 

But you’ll still be dazzled by the shimming plankton in the moonlight all the same. While not as bright as Mosquito Bay, it is still incredibly beautiful. 

Book a kayak tour here!

10. Visit the Cayos Near La Parguera

Clear water in La Parguera

La Parguera is a really cool town to visit in southwestern Puerto Rico. Aside from this being the jumping point to access the bio bay you can swim in, it also has a fun sandbar that makes for a great afternoon of swimming and getting some sun.

Cayo Caracoles and Cayo Majimo are romantic places in Puerto Rico to go for a swim together. To make it even more fun, you can take these awesome Caribbean Chiliboats to the mini islands! 

11. Going Ziplining at Toro Verde Adventure Park is One of the Great Things to Do in Puerto Rico

Ziplining in La Fortuna

For the couples who love some adventure with their beach time, the Beast Zipline at Toro Verde Adventure Park is for you. 

This park boasts one of the world’s longest single-run ziplines. You can reach up to 60 mph as you fly across the Puerto Rican rainforest below you. 

Enjoy soaring through the sky for 1.57 miles as you embark on this daring zipline. 

Book it here!

12. Visit Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico

Located on the island of Culebra, this beach is known as one of the best beaches in the world. With its soft, white sand and perfect clear waters, you’ll never want to leave this place. 

If you’re coming to Puerto Rico on a honeymoon, this is definitely a great place to enjoy the beach together. 

Go swimming in the warm waters, snorkel to find Caribbean fish, or just rest and relax during your romantic Puerto Rican vacation. 

13. Explore the Beaches of Vieques

Sandy beach in Vieques | Puerto Rico 7 Day Itinerary

Another small island off the coast of the main island of Puerto Rico is Vieques. I’ve mentioned it above for Mosquito Bay, but you’ll want to spend a couple of days on Vieques to really enjoy all it has to offer.

There are so many incredible beaches here including a black sand beach, a blue beach, and a green beach! 

But the island is full of charming beaches, clear waters, great places to snorkel, and even horses running around. Seriously, you may even see a horse or two on the beach while you’re there!

14. Learn to Surf in Rincon: One of the Most Romantic Things to Do in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Surfboard on the beach in Rincon

Rincon in western Puerto Rico is known for its great surfing. So why not take surfing lessons together while you’re there? 

The water here is sublime, and the beaches are great for learning to surf. So sign up for a lesson to learn how to surf or how to up your surfing skills with a pro surfer! 

Check it out here!

Beach in Rincon | Puerto Rico Itinerary in 7 Days

15. Go Caving Under Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an incredibly diverse island. It has beautiful beaches, lush mountains, a tropical rainforest, and caves! 

Explore Camuy River Cave Park as you admire the stalactites and stalagmites, wander the underground world, and perhaps spot some cave-dwelling critters! 

Book it here!

16. For the Coffee Lovers: Head to a Coffee Farm

10 Days in Costa Rica | Finca Rosa Blanca coffee

For lovers who love coffee, a visit to a coffee farm is a must! 

Embark on a coffee tour as you learn how it goes from bean to cup. You’ll also discover more about the history of Puerto Rican coffee, and of course, get to sample it yourself. 

While you can take a tour from San Juan, there are also coffee haciendas that you can just go to visit on your own! 

And if you want a truly romantic experience in Puerto Rico, you may just want to book a night or two at a coffee hacienda hotel! 

Hacienda Pomarrosa offers coffee tours of their farm and has adorable guesthouses and rooms for your stay. 

Up close view of coffee beans

17. One of the Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Rico For Couples: Visit Chocolate Farms

You had me at chocolate. There are several chocolate farms you can visit for tours and tastings! So if you both love chocolate, this is a fantastic date idea in Puerto Rico! 

Some farms to visit include Montadero Chocolate, Hacienda Chocolat, and Hacienda Buena Vista. These places offer tours and Montadero Chocolate even has a chocolate workshop. 


Mojito at Cafetin

18. For the Rum Lovers: Visit Don Q

Don Q is Puerto Rico’s famous rum. So if you love rum, and you want to learn more about it, definitely book a tour to visit the Don Q factory. 

Located in Ponce in southern Puerto Rico, you’ll love spending time here on a tour that includes a chance to create your own cocktail in the mixology workshop! 

Enjoy views of Ponce as you sip your creation after an afternoon of learning about Don Q. 

19. Take a Snorkel Tour

Vieques Island in Puerto Rico | 7 Days in Puerto Rico

One of the most romantic things to do in Puerto Rico has to be to go on a snorkel tour together. And being an island, there are ample places in which to do this. 

You could certainly book a tour from San Juan, but personally, Vieques is a fantastic place for a snorkel tour! 

Vieques Snorkel Tours is a great option for Vieques. Ran by a local who knows all the best places to snorkel, you’ll love getting the chance to spot sting rays, sea turtles, and all kinds of tropical fish around the island!

20. Stay in a Dreamy Treehouse Hotel

Want to feel as if you’re amidst the trees in El Yunque National Forest? Then, Yuquiyú Treehouses is the best place for your Puerto Rican honeymoon or romantic getaway! 

If you’re searching for unique things to do in Puerto Rico for couples, you can’t go wrong with booking a stay at a treehouse hotel. These treehouses come with running water, electricity, a comfortable bed, a kitchenette, and a luxury bath. 

Enjoy the tranquility of the rainforest around you with unobstructed views! 

Book it here!

21. Taking in a Sunset is One of the Best Things to Do in Puerto Rico For Couples

Kat on a boat in La Parguera

This island is the perfect place to catch a sunset. If you’re in Rincon, then you’re in for a special treat. As the beaches here face the west, you’ll be delighted with incredible sunsets over the water. 

Caba Rojo is another great area of Puerto Rico for the sunset, especially at the historic Los Morrillos Lighthouse. Admire the ocean and cliffs during an epic sunset here. 

But you can even enjoy perfect sunsets in San Juan too! Enjoy a stunning sunset around Castillo San Cristobal in Old San Juan or partake in a lovely sunset cruise

And in La Parguera, you know the sunset and bio bay tour is well worth it. Combining both a stunning sunset and swimming in the bio bay is truly amazing. 

When to Visit Puerto Rico

Fortress walls in Old San Juan

While Puerto Rico is warm year-round, there are better times to visit than others. Rather than having 4 seasons, it has a wet and dry season. The wet season is between April through November, with August and September being particularly rainy. 

This is also hurricane season, which is something you’ll want to avoid. However, this tends to occur between June through November. 

December through March is considered the dry season with fewer rain showers. It is also a busier time of the year to visit thanks to many people up north visiting the island to escape cold winter temperatures. 

This means that hotel and flight prices creep up during that time.

However, the shoulder season of April and May is a lovely time to visit. There will likely be a bit of rain, but not typically rain all day. I visited in May and it was sunny most of the time! It rained a few times while I was there, but nothing too bad.

I was still able to explore the island and see so much! 

These are the top 21 things to do in Puerto Rico for couples! Whether you enjoy adventures, frolicking on beaches, or admiring beautiful scenery, you’re spoiled for choice on romantic activities in Puerto Rico. 

Want more Puerto Rico and Caribbean travel ideas? Check out these posts! 

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These are the 21 most romantic things to do in Puerto Rico | Romantic Things to Do in San Juan | Puerto Rico Honeymoon | Honeymoon in Puerto Rico | Honeymoon Destinations in Puerto Rico | Best Things to Do in Puerto Rico For Couples | Vieques Puerto Rico Things to Do | Puerto Rico Date Night | Date Ideas in Puerto Rico | Date Ideas Puerto Rico | Puerto Rico Romantic Getaway | Romantic Places in Puerto Rico | Romantic Trip Puerto Rico | Romantic Puerto Rico Vacation
These are the 21 most romantic things to do in Puerto Rico | Romantic Things to Do in San Juan | Puerto Rico Honeymoon | Honeymoon in Puerto Rico | Honeymoon Destinations in Puerto Rico | Best Things to Do in Puerto Rico For Couples | Vieques Puerto Rico Things to Do | Puerto Rico Date Night | Date Ideas in Puerto Rico | Date Ideas Puerto Rico | Puerto Rico Romantic Getaway | Romantic Places in Puerto Rico | Romantic Trip Puerto Rico | Romantic Puerto Rico Vacation

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