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Only Vieques Honeymoon Guide You Need: 9 Romantic Things to Do in Vieques, Puerto Rico

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A Vieques honeymoon ticks all the boxes. Stunning beaches with great snorkeling? Check. Sunshine and beautiful ambiance? Check. Delicious Puerto Rican food? Obviously. The world’s brightest bioluminescent bay? Yup.

For those who are planning a Vieques Island honeymoon in Puerto Rico, you’re in luck! This place is absolutely stunning. From the horses galloping on the beach to the wonderful snorkeling opportunities, you can’t go wrong with a honeymoon here.

Whether you’re planning to explore Puerto Rico for your honeymoon or you want to be beach bums in Vieques, here is everything you need to know to plan your getaway to the most romantic island in the Caribbean. 

Sandy beach in Vieques | Puerto Rico 7 Day Itinerary

Ultimate Vieuqes Honeymoon Guide

From the best Vieques honeymoon hotels to things to do on the island, this is the ultimate Vieques honeymoon guide.

Vieques Honeymoon Hotels

The Vieques Guesthouse in Vieques

This little island off the main island of Puerto Rico has quite a few adorable boutique hotels for your stay. 

Finca Victoria: Located on one of the highest points of the island amidst the forest, you’ll love the tranquility this place offers. Combine that with its little light pollution, and you’ll be able to potentially admire the Milky Way at night. 

This boutique retreat offers anything from treehouses and cabins to a vintage Airstream or house to stay in. This place also has a spa offering Ayurvedic Treatments, daily complimentary yoga, and a lovely pool. 

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Puertas At El Quenepo: This is found in the town of Esperanza near the beach and many restaurants. You’re within walking distance of nearby attractions, and the rooms here are classically designed with Caribbean and Puerto Rican elements. 

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Martineau Belle Playa: This stunning rental property is right along the beach with a pool overlooking the sea. The villa offers large balconies with ocean or island views and has a kitchen if you prefer to stay tucked away in this romantic Vieques spot. 

Plus, they have plenty of space for your Vieques wedding! 

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Hacienda Tamarindo: Also located atop a hill, this resort has beautiful views of Esperanza Bay. This place has a lovely pool and can rent you beach equipment, and they can even pack a picnic lunch for you to take for a romantic beachside meal. 

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Blue Horizon Resort

Blue Horizon Boutique Resort: This adults-only resort is located along the sea, with sweeping views of the Caribbean. They can also help arrange your destination Vieques wedding. You’ll love the infinity pool and restaurant where you’ll hear the ocean waves and enjoy the view.

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Vieques Guesthouse: This gorgeous little guesthouse is right across the street from the entrance to a tucked-away beach. This place has a rooftop deck where you can take in some stunning sunsets, and you’re within walking distance of the bars and restaurants in Esperanza.

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Coconut in Esperanza

9 Romantic Things to Do in Vieques For Your Honeymoon

Whether you want to relax on the beach or see a true bucket list-worthy sight, these are the most romantic things to do in Vieques.

1. Kayak on Mosquito Bay- The World’s Brightest Bioluminescent Bay!

Mosquito Bay at Night

Let’s start with the biggest draw in Vieques and why many people visit: Mosquito Bay. 

This place is the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world! It is full of bioluminescent plankton, called dinoflagellates, which light up when disturbed. 

While during the day you can’t see them, at night, when it is dark, they light up whenever you paddle or splash around! 

Go on a clear-bottomed kayak tour here to experience it for yourself! It is otherworldly! Paddle out to the center of the bay to see these microscopic creatures light up amidst the black water. Splash around, and witness the fish light up as they swim by. 

It was seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! 

For a pro tip, you’ll want to visit on a dark night, preferably when it is closer to a New Moon to see it at its brightest!

2. Go on a Snorkel Tour

Beach in Vieques Island

While there is some good snorkeling in places like Gallito Beach, if you really want to see where the best corals and sealife are, definitely hire a guide. 

This Vieques Snorkel Tour is run by a local guide who will take you to some of the best places to see tropical fish, rays, and perhaps a sea turtle!

3. Go Beach Hopping in Vieques

Playa Negra in Vieques

This island has some stunning beaches. I mean, there is a black sand beach as well as white sandy beaches and even a “Blue” Beach with its colorful waters. 

There is also the remote “Green” Beach that is perfect for snorkeling together! Also, El Gallito Beach has reefs off the shore for snorkeling.

I also love El Cocal Beach. The path to the beach is across from Vieques Guesthouse, and it is lovely. When you get to the beach, you may even have the place to yourself! 

Oh, and there is a big chance you’ll spot horses around the beaches as well. 

Spend an afternoon exploring the beaches of Vieques, stopping in ones that look great for relaxing, swimming, or snorkeling. 

4. Go Kayaking Together During Your Vieques Honeymoon

Kayaking in Vieques

Either go on a kayak tour or just rent a kayak near the beach, and you’ll enjoy the stunning water and sealife from above. 

Spend a morning kayaking along the coast or perhaps out to the Cayos and back. 

5. Find the Horses of Vieques

Horse in Vieques

Drive around the island and spot horses everywhere! No, these aren’t wild horses but are actually owned. However, as it is expensive to house and feed horses, they are left free to roam around the island and the owner gets them as needed. 

You’ll find them grazing on the side of the road, trotting along the beach, in the middle of the town, or even at your hotel! Seriously, the hotel I stayed at, Vieques Guesthouse, even had a water bucket for the horses to stop by for a drink! 

6. Visit Crab Island Rum Distillery

Puerto Rico is definitely known for its rum and rum-based cocktails. So, while you’re on your honeymoon in Vieques, you may as well stop by a distillery to learn how it is made! 

Visit Crab Island Rum Distillery to try their various rum offerings or have a cocktail or two together! 

Rum drink in Vieques

7. Rent a Golf Car to Explore the Island

Ceiba Tree in Vieques

You can definitely rent a car or bike to explore the island, but having a golf cart is actually a ton of fun! Enjoy the sights of the island as you cruise around visiting various beaches, grabbing food, and just admiring the flora and fauna. 

You can easily rent a golf cart in the town of Esperanza. I highly recommend renting one ahead of time as they can book up quickly! 

Check out Fun Brothers to rent a golf cart for around $90 a day. 

I spent a whole day on the island just driving around the island in my golf cart, stopping at beaches to snorkel, and visiting the 300+-year-old Ceiba tree. 

Also, beware of the roads on the island- they can be quite bumpy and may not be suitable for golf carts in places like Punta Arenas (Green Beach). 

8. Visit Vieques Food Park For an Epic Meal

Mofongo in Vieques

Want to try some delicious Puerto Rican food while you’re on your Vieques Island honeymoon? Definitely head to Vieques Food Park. 

I had the best shrimp mofongo ever at Rincon del Sabor at the park, and I also tried the most delicious coconut soda called Coco Rico.

For a fun date on the island, you’ll definitely want to hit up this spot. 

9. Explore the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge

Caribbean Sea in Vieques

This national wildlife refuge is actually 60% of the island itself. There are tons of great beaches, mangroves, trails, and more to explore during your time in the refuge.

Spend a day here wandering, spotting horses, birds, and other wildlife as well as snorkeling in the sea. 

When to Visit For Your Vieques Honeymoon

Cocal Beach in Vieques

There are 2 main seasons in Vieques, and Puerto Rico in general: wet and dry. The dry season tends to fall between December through March, and the rainy season is between April and November. 

However, December through March is a popular time to visit because the weather is pretty warm and sunny. 

I actually visited during May and it wasn’t bad at all. In fact, I had pretty good weather in Vieques the whole time!

I will note that hurricane season tends to happen between June through November, so avoiding those months can be a good idea. August and September tend to be the rainest as well.

If you don’t mind a little spot of rain and fewer crowds, April through May is a good time to visit for your Vieques honeymoon. And if you want sunny days and fewer chances for rain, December through March are good times to visit. 

Just know that rain can happen at any time on this tropical Caribbean island though! 

Getting to Vieques 

Flying into Vieques

There are a  couple of ways to get to the island of Vieques. The easiest way is to fly on a small plane from San Juan to Vieques. Vieques Air Link is who I booked my flights through. 

I did this, and it was a quick flight of a little less than 30 minutes to get there. Also, the views of the Caribbean from the plane are stunning! 

Flights depart from the San Juan Isla Grande Airport, and prices start at around $87 each way per person. 

The other way to get to Vieques is via the ferry. While it sounds like a cheaper option starting at around $2.00 per way, note that the ferry terminal to Vieques is in Ceiba, which is an hour and a half drive from San Juan. 

This means you’ll likely need to rent a car to get to Ceiba and then leave it at the port. 

Once you’re in Vieques, it is important to have transportation to your hotel or car/golf cart rental place arranged. You can do that by calling a taxi. Here are some taxi services:

  • 741 Taxi: 787 741-TAXI (8294)
  • M&M Taxi: 939-208-1600
  • Yo Yo’s Taxi: 787-585-9560

The airport and ferry terminal are on the other side of the island from Esperanza, which is the main town visitors like to stay in for its beaches, hotels/restaurants, and access to the buses for Mosquito Bay.

So having an airport taxi booked in advance is a good idea as it is definitely too long to walk from one side of the island to the other with luggage. It may be a smaller island, but it is not a walkable island, especially as the airport or ferry terminal is around 5-6 miles from Esperanza.

So book a taxi ahead of time from the airport to either the rental car spot or to your hotel. 

Is Vieques Worth Visiting on Your Honeymoon? 

Cocal Beach during the day

Absolutely! This smaller island off of Puerto Rico’s main island is definitely worth a visit! Between all of its lovely beaches, stunning snorkeling, and the magnificent Mosquito Bay, you’ll absolutely love Vieques. 

It makes a great addition to a honeymoon in Puerto Rico or as a place where you slow down and enjoy it all on its own. 

Would you visit Vieques for your honeymoon?

Want more Puerto Rico and Caribbean travel ideas? Check out these posts! 

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