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Some places you’ve got to go to for the food. But there may be one food that pretty much rules them all: NOODLES! So on the podcast, we’re talking all about the best noodle dishes worth traveling for!

From the creamy and cheesy carbonara in Rome to the spicy and delicious laksa in Southeast Asia, noodles can be found all over and created in the most delicious ways. So whether you like them in a hot soup, combined in a carb-o-loaded dish, or on their own, you’ll enjoy all of these incredible destinations famous for their noodles!

What is your favorite noodle dish of all time? Where would you travel to for noodles? Also, what other episodes would you like from us? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @wwhoneymoon, message us on Instagram @worldwidehoneymoon, or email [email protected]

Best Noodles Dishes- Carbonara

Time Stamps Best Noodle Dishes Worth Traveling For:

  • 0:24- Intro
  • 0:40- Highlight/updates
  • 8:03- Topic intro
  • 9:14- #1 of the best noodle dishes worth traveling for: khao soi in Northern Thailand
  • 13:51- #2: Hanoi for pho
  • 16:49- #3: Japan for ramen
  • 19:03- #4: Egypt for koshari
  • 22:01- #5: Hungary for goulash
  • 25:01- #6: Italy for carbonara
  • 29:36- #7: South Germany for spaetzle
  • 32:33- #8: USA for Cincinnati-style chili
  • 37:17-#9: China for dan dan noodles
  • 40:02- #10 of the best noodle dishes worth traveling for: Southeast Asia for laksa
  • 42:25- Wrap up
Khao Soi Mae Sae

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