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Coffee is a reward for getting out of bed in the morning. It is the fuel to get the day started. It is no wonder that many people love coffee. Plus, it is really tasty! But have you thought about where it is grown? Today, we’re looking at the best coffee regions in the world!

From robusta to arabica, Tanzania to Indonesia, we’re diving into the world of coffee, how it is grown, and some fun facts about where it comes from. So pour yourself a cup of joe, learn about where the term “mocha java” came from (hint: it is not what you think!), and enjoy this coffee-centric episode!

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Sterling Coffee in Portland, Oregon

Time Stamps Best Coffee Regions in the World:

  • 0:28- Intro
  • 0:45- Updates/chat
  • 2:02- Topic intro
  • 5:31- #1 of the best coffee regions in the world: Ethiopia
  • 8:23- #2: Tanzania
  • 9:43- #3: Yemen (But don’t travel there now!)
  • 14:07- #4: Indonesia
  • 15:54- #5: Brazil
  • 17:51- #6: Papua New Guinea
  • 19:45- #7:Uganda
  • 22:48- #8: Colombia
  • 25:21- #9: Cuba
  • 27:26- #10: Costa Rica
  • 28:55- Wrap up
Peru 10-Day Itinerary - Bisetti Coffee in Barranco, Lima

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