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Do This NOT That: Cusco, Peru

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We’re continuing our “do this not that series” with Do This NOT That: Cusco, Peru!

We loved our time exploring Cusco, Peru, and think it is well worth your time to spend a few days visiting this city. With cobblestone streets, tasty restaurants, and gorgeous plazas, a trip to Cusco will make you fall in love with its charm. That’s why we had to create this episode!

From top things you must-see (and what to skip) to pro-tips to make the most of your trip, here are all of the things you should do (and avoid) to have the greatest trip to Cusco, Peru.

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Church of the Society of Jesus - Cusco Attractions

Time Stamps Do This NOT That: Cusco, Peru

  • 0:18- Intro
  • 0:34- Updates/chat
  • 2:25- Topic intro
  • 3:21- #1 Do this NOT that: Cusco: DO rest your first day in Cusco DON’T do too much
  • 6:53- #2: DO wait to hike Rainbow Mountain DON’T do it the first day or two
  • 9:51- #3: DO Stay in a hotel with a view DON’T just stay in any old hotel
  • 11:37- #4: DO drink or dine above Plaza de Armas DON’T just hang out at ground level
  • 13:47- #5: If you want high-quality alpaca wool/baby alpaca DO shop at the higher-end boutique’s DON’T shop at the markets
  • 17:16- #6: DO visit Museo y Catacumbas Del Convento San Francisco de Asis Del Cusco NOT the Church of the Society of Jesus
  • 20:50- #7: DO stay in Aguas Calientes before visiting Machu Picchu DON’T do a one day trip from Cusco
  • 24:25- #8: DO plan to splurge on dinner or drinks for one night DON’T do it every night (there’s great cheap food everywhere!)
  • 26:48- #9: DO drink the coca tea DON’T drink too much alcohol
  • 29:52- #10: DO explore San Blas DON’T just hang out in Plaza de Armas
  • 31:44- Wrap up
Views of the Sacred Valley and Cusco from the balcony at Rumi Wasi - Peru itinerary

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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