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Cusco, Peru is one of the most exciting and beautiful cities that we have ever been to. When it comes to places that we’d love to stay at for a longer period of time and explore, Cusco is it. During our 10 days in Peru, we knew that we wanted to spend a few days wandering in this city, trying the best food and spotting the coolest areas to hang out. So today on the podcast, we’re talking all about travel to Cusco, Peru.

From gorgeous mountains surrounding the city to lively plazas and stunning architecture, you’ll find something to love about Cusco too.

We talk all about where to stay, best hotels, top things to do in Cusco, and, our personal favorite, where to eat in Cusco. As one of Peru’s best cities, you’ll fall in love with this exciting Andean city before exploring other parts of the Sacred Valley.

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Time Stamps for Travel to Cusco, Peru:

  • 0:15- Intro
  • 0:32- Topic and chat
  • 7:47- Thoughts prior to going to Cusco
  • 12:23- First impressions of Cusco, Peru
  • 16:29- Where to stay in Cusco | Best hotels in Cusco
  • 21:15- When to visit Cusco
  • 22:33- Things to do in Cusco
  • 31:44- Where to eat in Cusco 
  • 38:21- Best meal in Cusco
  • 41:39- Biggest surprise about Cusco
  • 48:46- Would we go back to Cusco
  • 49:24- Wrap up

Views of the Sacred Valley and Cusco from the balcony at Rumi Wasi - Peru itinerary

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