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Do This NOT That: Chiang Mai | Must Sees in Chiang Mai

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While on our honeymoon, we fell head over heels for this beautiful city in northern Thailand. There are several must-sees in Chiang Mai including Doi Suthep, the Old City temples, and more. There are also things that are a bit overrated or some things you should know before visiting. So in this podcast episode, we’re talking all about Do This NOT That: Chiang Mai! 

From tips for visiting Chiang Mai to the top things you should make time for, find all of the unique, fun, and exciting stuff to do in this incredibly dreamy city in Thailand. 

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Khao Soi Kad Gorm, Chiang Mai

Time Stamps Do This NOT That: Chiang Mai, Thailand:

  • 0:18- Intro
  • 0:35- Updates/chat
  • 5:03- Highlight of the week
  • 7:35- Topic intro
  • 9:32- #1 of the Do This NOT That: Chiang Mai, Thailand list: DO stay in Nimman NOT the Old City
  • 10:53- #2: DO visit Doi Suthep but NOT by walking
  • 14:01- #3: DO spend time in the Old City on foot NOT by tuk-tuk
  • 15:48- #4: DO go to the Night Bazaar and NOT do a food tour
  • 18:50- #5: DO visit between October-April NOT May-September
  • 21:15- #6: DO your research on animal encounters and do NOT just book anything
  • 24:00- #7: DO time your trip to be there on Sunday and do NOT leave beforehand
  • 25:55- #8: DO eat khao soi but NOT at westernized places
  • 30:34- #9: DO spend time in cafes and do NOT just get it to go
  • 33:00- #10 of the must-sees in Chiang Mai: Do visit pubs and bars in the Old City NOT after 10 pm, though (unless you’re looking to rage)
  • 36:13- Wrap up

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

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Thursday 11th of November 2021

Hey so I want to mention something that is quite important. You recommend October through April as the best time to visit Chiang Mai. This advice can really set your listeners up for a bad experience. While generally for Thailand, this advice is pretty good, in Chiang Mai specifically January to March is a very BAD time to visit(especially February) as it is the burning season in Chiang Mai, when all the local farmers are burning massive amounts of brush and the air quality turns absolutely terrible. Thick terrible smoke everywhere, so much so where it is legitimately hazardous to your health and you will not enjoy it at all. In fact many Chiang Mai expats or other locals will leave Chiang Mai during this time to avoid it. So yea. Please don't visit in that time frame as it is literally the 100% worst time to visit and you will have a bad impression of an otherwise amazing city. If you have to go to Thailand in February, go down south to the islands, not to Chiang Mai.

But again,. Yes, go to Chiang Mai. It is a wonderful area and the people are friendly and the atmosphere is casual and relaxed. It's great.


Thursday 11th of November 2021

Thank you for letting us know! We visited during that time frame (obviously not during the burning season), but many people recommended winter as the time to go. I'm glad to know and will definitely be updating my posts about Chiang Mai.

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