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Do This Not That: Paris, France

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Welcome to our do this not that: Paris episode! 

Paris is a dreamy city. There are definitely iconic sights that you have to see…and some things we feel are overrated. There are people who fall head over heels for Paris…and those that don’t understand the hype. 

Trust me, on my first visit to Paris, I tried to pack in so much that I never really understood why everyone was so crazy about this city. Then I revisited Paris and took my time, saw its magic, and fell in love with it. I learned some lessons that I incorporated into our most recent trip to Paris last summer, where I introduced Chris to this lovely place. Needless to say, he fell in love with Paris too.

So in this episode, we’re talking all about the dos and don’ts when visiting the city of lights: Paris! From the best museums to where to eat, this is what to do in Paris to have the best time! 

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Cheese, Wine, and Baguette at Marche des Enfants Rouges in the Le Marais neighborhood - Best arrondissement to stay in Paris

Time Stamps Do This Not That: Paris:

  • 0:14- Intro
  • 0:32- Updates/chat
  • 1:13- Highlight of the week
  • 2:58- Topic intro
  • 6:51- #1 on the do this not that: Paris edition: DO visit Museum L’Orangerie do NOT visit the Louvre
  • 9:39- #2: DO a food tour NOT a city tour
  • 13:15- #3: DO Stay in Montmartre or St. Germain NOT near the Louvre or Champs-Elyse
  • 15:37- #4: DO walk around and do NOT solely rely on public transportation 
  • 18:56- #5: DO go to a rooftop bar or Arc du Triomphe NOT the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • 21:03- #6: DO go to Les Deux Magots NOT Le Consulat
  • 24:39- #7: DO go to Abbey de Saint Germain des Pres NOT Saint Chapelle or Notre Dame
  • 26:52- #8: DO get out of Paris NOT to Disneyland
  • 30:45- #9: DO go to markets and have a picnic NOT always eat inside
  • 33:12- #10 on the do this not that: Paris list: DO be flexible and do NOT overschedule
  • 37:10- Wrap up

Eiffel Tower towering over Paris

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