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Paris, France- loved by many the world over. When it comes to finding a romantic destination, we can almost all agree- Paris is unmistakably the place to go. From charming cobblestone streets to stunning cathedrals and museums, Paris is truly a magical place. And even if you are short on time, you can certainly see a lot in just 5 days in Paris. We did it just a few weeks ago and are talking all about how to do the same!

So today on the podcast, we talk about our thoughts and impressions of Paris, where to stay, when to visit, the best things to do in Paris in 5 days, where to eat and drink in Paris, and our biggest surprise about the city of light.

Would you visit Paris? Have you been? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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Time Stamps for 5 Days in Paris:

  • 0:10- Intro and topic
  • 3:09- Updates
  • 6:16- Our thoughts prior to arriving in Paris
  • 11:20- First impressions of Paris
  • 16:19- Where to stay in Paris
  • 17:27- When to visit Paris
  • 18:33- Things to do in Paris in 5 Days
  • 35:37- Where to eat and drink in Paris
  • 42:25- Best macaroon in Paris
  • 44:57- The best meal in Paris
  • 46:30- Our biggest surprise about Paris
  • 48:27- Would we go back?
  • 49:51- Wrap up 

La Maison Rose in the Montmartre neighborhood

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Abbey Saint Germain in Paris, France

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