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When you travel to Budapest, Hungary, you’ll quickly see how interesting it is. Between the architecture, the bathhouses, and the ruin pubs, you’ll find that if one can describe Budapest, the words “quirky” and “romantic” come to mind.

And whether you’re visiting Budapest for the Christmas markets or for a fun summer getaway, you’ll fall in love with this eclectic city and the gem of Eastern Europe.

From sampling the tastiest espresso at various cafes to soaking in thermal bathhouses throughout the city, when it comes to what to do in Budapest, you’ll never run of ways to entertain yourself. So this week on the podcast, we knew we needed to create the perfect Budapest guide to help you find the hidden gems, top things to do, and what to avoid in Budapest for the perfect trip!

And with Kat having gone 3 times (the most recent this past November with Chris and family), we’ve got the inside scoop of all things Budapest!

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Time Stamps Travel to Budapest, Hungary:

  • 0:20- Intro
  • 0:38- Updates/chat
  • 3:16- Reader review
  • 4:30- Topic intro
  • 5:12- Thoughts prior to arriving in Budapest, Hungary
  • 10:47- First impressions of Budapest
  • 16:48- Where to stay in Budapest: Top Budapest hotels
  • 22:13- Best time to visit Budapest
  • 23:37- Things to do in Budapest (plus what NOT to do)
  • 39:44- Top thing to do in Budapest
  • 40:11- Day trips from Budapest
  • 44:23- Where to eat and drink in Budapest
  • 53:31- Best meal in Budapest
  • 55:41- Biggest surprise about travel to Budapest, Hungary
  • 58:38- Would we go back and recommend Budapest?
  • 1:01:51- Wrap up

bird's eye view of the Chain Bridge in Budapest

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