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Europe definitely knows how to ring in the holiday season! And Vienna is no exception. Vienna Christmas markets always show up on lists talking about the best Christmas markets in Europe and for good reason.

With 17+ markets sprawled across the opulent city of Vienna, all serving indulgent and delightful holiday treats, beautifully designed handcrafted goods, and gorgeous light shows one could find themselves spending a lot of time trying to see everything.

While it could take several weeks to see and do all the Christmas activities in Vienna, we know that most people only have a few days. We did as well when we visited Vienna and managed to see quite a few of the markets! That’s why we’re breaking down the top Vienna Christmas markets you must visit during your short time in Vienna to get the most from your stay!

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Vienna in December - Best Christmas Markets in Vienna

Time Stamps Top Vienna Christmas Markets:

  • 0:28- Intro
  • 0:45- Updates/chat
  • 2:58- Highlight of the week
  • 6:27- Topic intro: Top Vienna Christmas markets
  • 9:21- #1: Vienna Christmas Market on Rathausplatz
  • 12:43- #2: Christmas Village & New Years Eve Trail on Maria-Theresien Platz
  • 15:01- #3: Am Hof Christmas Market
  • 18:08- #4: Old Viennese Christmas Market
  • 21:32- #5: Christmas Market on Stephansplatz
  • 24:16- #6: Imperial and Royal Christmas Market on Michaelerplatz
  • 26:28- #7: Christmas Market on Spittelberg
  • 27:53- #8: Art Advent–Arts & Crafts on Karlsplatz
  • 29:01- #9: Christmas Market & New Year’s Market Schloss Schonbrunn
  • 31:26- Tips for Visiting the Vienna Christmas Markets
  • 33:10- Wrap up
Freyung Altwiener Christkindlemarkt in Vienna

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