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6 Important Travel Tips For After the Lockdown

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Spring is in full swing and summer is upon us. And now we are starting to see places open up after being closed for months. People are slowly starting to travel again, but with that brings many questions like, “Is it safe to travel again?”, “How do I prevent getting sick while traveling?”, and even, “Where can I travel to?” We’ve been asking ourselves these same questions as we look forward to planning future travel, so we have some travel tips for after the lockdown we wanted to share. 

This podcast episode covers everything from the 6 important considerations for planning a future trip to what we feel future travel this year and early next year will look like. We know this doesn’t cover everything, but it is a good start for those of us wondering what kind of travel we may be able to experience this year. 

As always, we recommend checking with the CDC, WHO, and other health and local websites to determine whether travel is safe! But if you have more travel tips, please let us know! You can comment below or tweet us @wwhoneymoon, message us on Instagram @worldwidehoneymoon, or email [email protected].

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Time Stamps Travel Tips For After The Lockdown:

  • 0:16- Intro
  • 0:32- Chat/update
  • 3:47- Highlight of the week
  • 6:20- Topic intro
  • 8:25- #1 of the travel tips for after the lockdown: Be aware of and consider travel quarantines/advisories
  • 14:17- #2: How to get there/getting around
  • 19:43- #3: Travel considerations for accommodation
  • 24:28- #4: How to get food
  • 26:41- #5: Activities you can partake in
  • 31:37- #6 of the travel tips for after the lockdown: What do you have going on after your trip?
  • 33:24- Other important things to consider when booking trips
  • 37:04- What we’re thinking for our future trips later this year
  • 49:23- Wrap up

Yosemite National Park View points

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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