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What are the ways to bring travel to you?

If you’re like us, you’ve canceled trips, stocked up on groceries, and haven’t been outside for longer than 2 seconds to take out the trash. While this is the time of year that our travel ramps up, we’re sitting at home unsure of when this will be over. 

However, we have come up with some fun ways to bring travel to you when we’re all stuck at home wishing we were on the beach…or hiking…or eating something that isn’t frozen veggies and ramen. 

So here are our favorite ways to travel while at home! 

What thoughts do you have? What are your favorite ways to travel while at home? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @wwhoneymoon, message us on Instagram @worldwidehoneymoon, or email [email protected] 

Globe on top of book with lights in the background- ways to bring travel to you at home

Time Stamps Ways to Bring Travel to You: 

  • 0:14- Intro
  • 0:30- Updates/catch-up
  • 7:42- Topic into
  • 8:37- #1 Tip: Cook a Meal From Your Travels
  • 13:33- #2: Drink a Favorite International Beverage
  • 16:32- #3: Plan a trip
  • 18:41- #4: Find travel inspiration 
  • 22:36- #5: Visit a nearby place
  • 26:10- #6: Learn a language
  • 29:16- #7: Read a travel book
  • 34:28- #8: Watch a foreign film
  • 37:15- #9: Make a travel scrapbook
  • 40:12- #10: Reminisce on prior trips
  • 42:53- Wrap up

Pins on a wooden world map- how to travel while at home

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