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10 Tips to Survive A Long Haul Flight

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Can we all agree that a long haul flight is kind of the worst? We’re not talking about the luxurious, first-class suite where they serve endless amounts of caviar and Dom. We’re talking about back-of-the-plane, people snoring loudly, getting knocked with the drink cart, economy class.

Sure, most of us don’t mind this on short flights, but for a flight lasting longer than 8 hours? It definitely puts a damper on travel.

But today on the podcast, we’ve got you covered. We’re giving you all the details on how to survive a long haul flight including a great resource that we use for picking seats every time so that we get a good seat on the plane, how to create your own relaxing zone in your seat, how to deal with flight anxiety, and more!

What do you do during your long haul flights? Let us know in the comments! Also, let us know on Twitter @wwhoneymoon, Instagram @worldwidehoneymoon, or email me at [email protected]. We love hearing from you!

Time Stamps 10 Tips to Survive a Long Haul Flight:

  • 0:19- Introduction
  • 0:37- Announcement
  • 1:21- Topic
  • 6:58- Chat/updates
  • 11:19- #1 Tip for surviving a long haul flight: Check Seat Guru
  • 15:41- #2 Tip: Stay hydrated 
  • 19:20- #3 Tip: Face masks 
  • 22:29- #4 Tip: Have plenty of entertainment
  • 26:57- #5 Tip: Get good, quality headphones
  • 28:39- #6 Tip: Move around and wear compression socks
  • 32:42- #7 Tip: Wear comfortable clothing
  • 35:32- #8 Tip: Bring snacks
  • 38:01- #9 Tip: How to deal with flight anxiety
  • 44:04- #10 and final tip for surviving a long haul flight: Use this time to reflect
  • 47:57- Wrap up

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Top 10 Tips to Survive a Long Haul Flight | Long Haul flying tips including find the best seat, staying hydrated, and more!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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