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Budgeting for Travel with Theresa and Aaron McKinney of Fueled By Wanderlust

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Today on the podcast, we’re talking about budgeting your travels. If you think that you can’t afford to travel, definitely think again. Joining us on the podcast are Theresa and Aaron McKinney from Fueled by Wanderlust a site dedicated to budget-savviness for traveling as well as destination tips and other great stories.

Theresa and Aaron fill us in on how to budget vacation days and tricks to get the most value from your vacation time, especially for those of us with little time off. They also dive deep into creating the perfect budget, how to get started, how to save money and budget at home for travel, and more!

What other budget tricks do you have? Let us know in the comments!

Time Stamps for Budgeting Your Travels:

  • 0:19- Intro and topic
  • 1:09- Life updates and chats
  • 9:30- Intro to our guests
  • 10:09- Theresa and Aaron background and travel experience
  • 13:28- First trips together
  • 14:46- Where they honeymooned
  • 16:25- What first sparked their wanderlust
  • 17:45- Where they are traveling this year (with only a few weeks of vacation)!
  • 18:48- How to save money for travel while at home
  • 20:45- How to create a budget for travel
  • 23:24- Budgeting for trips this year
  • 25:31- How to budget for a trip with multiple destinations
  • 26:58- Fixed vs. variable budgeting costs
  • 28:20- Budgeting methods used at home to stay on track for the travel budget
  • 29:30- Tips for saving money while traveling
  • 31:20- Budgeting for expensive places like Iceland
  • 32:49- How to budget vacation days
  • 37:06- Do they set aside money in an account for travel each month?
  • 39:20- Extra tips and advice
  • 42:17- Wrap up

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How to Budget for Travel

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