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Top 10 Travel Myths (And Why They Are Totally Wrong)!

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I’ll never forget hearing one of the most commonly told travel myths, “Isn’t travel unsafe?”

It was from my family as I was about to embark on a 5-week solo trip around Europe after I graduated from university. Honestly, I didn’t expect to go on this trip alone. However, as none of my friends could take off 5 weeks to join me, and I knew the following summer I’d be studying for my CPA exam, it was now or never. So I chose now.

Was is unsafe? Not really. In fact, I’ve felt safer traveling than at home for the most part.

But that isn’t the only travel myth out there. In fact, there are many. So whether you are afraid to get out there and travel more because of these myths or you are trying to answer well-meaning friends and family members, we’re addressing the top travel myths we’ve heard and explaining why they’re totally wrong.

What myths in regards to travel have you heard? Let us know your thoughts below or you can reach us on Twitter @wwhoneymoon, Instagram @worldwidehoneymoon, or email [email protected].


Time Stamps 10 Travel Myths:

  • 0:18- Intro
  • 0:36- Updates/chat
  • 9:22- Highlight of the week
  • 12:09- Topic intro
  • 14:42- #1 of the top travel myths: Travel is expensive
  • 18:10- #2: I’ll always be able to travel
  • 22:07- #3: Travel is dangerous
  • 26:10- #4: You can’t travel with kids
  • 30:11- #5: Travel means going somewhere far away
  • 31:49- #6: I will struggle if they don’t speak English
  • 35:23- #7: You needs lots of time to travel
  • 39:26- #8: I want to travel, but it’ll be lonely
  • 43:32- #9: I want to travel, but there is only one way to travel…and it isn’t me
  • 47:37- #10: There isn’t any benefit to travel
  • 51:15- Wrap up

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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