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It is time to hop on this trend: unpopular travel opinions!

Is Paris or Rome worth the visit or are they overrated? Should you recline your seat on a plane? What about child-free flights? Some may be controversial, and some may just be preferences in travel, but we’ve all got travel opinions, right?

Thanks to a listener suggestion, we polled our listeners on Instagram and found out all your unpopular travel opinions. So in this episode, we’re listing them out and giving our opinions too!

What opinions do you think you’ll hear? What are your unpopular travel opinions? You can let us know in the comments or reach us on Twitter @wwhoneymoon, Instagram @worldwidehoneymoon, or email [email protected]

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Time Stamps Unpopular Travel Opinions:

  • 0:17- Intro
  • 0:34- Updates/chat
  • 6:07- Highlight of the week
  • 7:40- Topic intro
  • 9:26- #1: Unpopular travel opinion: Italy is overrated
  • 16:36- #2: Would you drive 6 hours for a cheaper flight?
  • 19:26- #3: Airbnbs are better than hotels
  • 22:16- #4: Stop hating on things being “touristy”!
  • 24:00- #5: It is rude to not learn some basic words in another language while traveling to a different country
  • 25:25- #6: Why stay up late partying in a new city when you can do that at home?
  • 28:30- #7: To recline or not on planes?
  • 30:00- #8: Are group day tours great or bad?
  • 31:17- #9: Venice is actually pretty great
  • 32:03- #10: Disney isn’t worth the money
  • 34:18- #11: Going on a giant cruise isn’t experiencing the culture of where you stop
  • 35:38- #12: Should there be child-free flights?
  • 39:04- #13: Is Paris overrated?
  • 41:11- #14: Eastern Europe is underrated
  • 41:26- #15: Rome is overrated
  • 42:01- #16: Sunrise is better than sunset
  • 42:55- #17: Most tours aren’t worth it
  • 44:03- #18: Not everything needs to be photographed while traveling
  • 46:39- #19: Strict agendas aren’t as fun
  • 47:41- #20: Koh Phi Phi is worth the hype
  • 48:20- #21: Disney and Vegas are overrated
  • 50:31- #22: Amalfi Coast is terrible in the summer
  • 51:15- #23: Don’t need a fancy hotel if I’m not spending much time in it
  • 52:07- #24: Go to McDonald’s abroad
  • 53:32- #25: Sitting still on vacation is boring
  • 54:34- #26: Nature is better than cities
  • 55:00- #27: Street food is better than a fancy restaurant
  • 57:37- Wrap up

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