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The Best DIY Epcot Drink Around the World Tour Plus Food!

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How many places can you eat and drink your way around 11 countries in just one day? With Epcot, it’s all possible! When we first set out to create our own food and bar crawl through Epcot, we knew we had to focus on the World Showcase’s unique and fun 11 countries.

From margaritas and nachos in Mexico to sushi and sake in Japan, we made our way around Epcot, feasting on the best treats and enjoying various alcoholic beverages from around the world! And now we’re showing you how to do the same!

While you’re making your way around Epcot, be sure to take in the authentic-looking architecture in places like the China Pavillion, the Italian fountain, and even a German beer hall. Aside from eating and drinking around Epcot, there are fantastic shops, rides, and other attractions around to enjoy!

What is your favorite food and drink from Epcot? Also, what would you love to hear more about on the podcast? Specific destination guides? Travel tips? Let us know! We can be reached on Twitter @wwhoneymoon, Instagram @worldwidehoneymoon, or you can email me at [email protected].

Germany at Epcot

Time Stamps Best Epcot Drink Around the World Plus Food Tour:

  • 0:19- Intro
  • 0:36- Topic
  • 5:45- Updates/chat
  • 7:45- Epcot overview plus Epcot drink around the world tour with food tips
  • 11:29- Stop #1 on the Epcot drink around the world tour with food: Mexico
  • 13:39- Stop #2 on the Epcot bar and food crawl: Norway
  • 17:22- Stop #3: China
  • 20:08- Stop #4: Germany
  • 21:39- Stop #5: Italy
  • 23:38- Stop #6: United States
  • 25:35- Stop #7: Japan
  • 27:47- Stop #8 around the World Showcase at Epcot: Morocco
  • 31:44- Stop #9: France
  • 33:36- Stop #10: United Kingdom
  • 35:20- Stop #11 to finish up the Epcot drink around the world tour with food: Canada
  • 37:43- Where to stay near Epcot at Disney World
  • 40:30- Wrap up

Italy in Epcot

Helpful Links and Further Reading:

  • Tips for the Epcot Food and Drinks Tour:
    • For sit down restaurants, be sure to make reservations well ahead of time! Quick service stations you don’t need reservations.
    • Don’t forget travel insurance! We love World Nomads for its easy to understand quotes and good coverage options!
    • Get your flights to Disney on Skyscanner. It includes all airlines to ensure you’re getting the best deal! There are great discount airlines that fly to Orlando!
    • Wear comfy walking shoes (I love my Keds) and a cute dress for ladies or jeans and a nice shirt for men.
  • Guide to Disney Food and Bar Crawl:
    • Stop #1: Mexico
    • Stop #2: Norway
      • Restaurant: Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe
      • What to eat: kringla (sweet Nordic style pretzel with almonds or chocolate)
      • What to drink: Viking coffee (with Bailey’s and coffee liquor), beer
      • Sit down restaurant: Akershus Royal Banquet Hall where you can get salmon, potato dumplings, meatballs, and Aquavit
    • Stop #3: China
      • Restaurant: Lotus Blossom Cafe
      • What to eat: potstickers and egg rolls
      • What to drink: Tsing Tao beer and plum wine
    • Stop #4: Germany
      • Restaurant: Sommerfest
      • What to eat: bratwurst, potato salad, apple strudel, pretzels
      • What to drink: Dunkel, Grapefruit Hefeweizen, Riesling wine
    • Stop #5: Italy
      • Restaurant: Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar
      • What to eat: cheese or olive platter, lasagna, ravioli, cannoli
      • What to drink: Italian wine (or the sit-down restaurant has an Italian margarita with limoncello)
    • Stop #6: United States
      • Walk around Hall of Presidents
    • Stop #7: Japan
      • Restaurant: Katsura Grill
      • What to eat: sushi, ramen, udon noodles, green tea ice cream
      • What to drink: sake, Sapporo, Kirin draft beer
    • Stop #8: Morocco
      • Restaurant: Tangierine Cafe
      • What to eat: shawarma, pastries, hummus
      • What to drink: specialty coffee
      • Sit-down restaurant Restaurant Marrakesh has tangine!
      • We recommend sitting down for a meal here!
    • Stop #9: France
    • Stop #10: United Kingdom
      • Restaurant: Yorkshire County Fish Shop
      • What to eat: fish and chips
      • What to drink: Harp beer or Bass ale
      • Rose & Crown Pub has vegan fish and chips and has a ton of drinks like beer flights, Scottish whisky, etc.
    • Stop #11: Canada

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The Best Food And Drink Tour of Epcot in Disney World, Florida

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