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The Unsexy Side of Traveling as a Couple

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We’ve all seen it. Couples looking all sexy and snuggly together while lounging by the pool on Instagram. It’s hard not to compare. But there is definitely an unsexy side to traveling as a couple.

While that photo made the cut to go on a highlight reel to show to the world, it doesn’t paint the whole story. It doesn’t show you the food poisoning one of them maybe had the other day or the argument on how many photos they should take that took place moments before that snap.

Instagram isn’t real life after all. So in this podcast episode, we’re talking about some of our unsexy travel moments! While it doesn’t always appear on our social media, there are many embarrassing moments and occasional now-hilarious arguments that go on behind the scenes.

Because, traveling as a couple isn’t always perfect. But it is always a great experience to have together!

What are your unsexy travel moments? Let us know in the comments or you can reach us on Twitter @wwhoneymoon, Instagram @worldwidehoneymoon, or email [email protected]

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Time Stamps Unsexy Side of Traveling as a Couple:

  • 0:15- Intro
  • 0:33- Updates/chat
  • 3:30- Highlight of the week
  • 6:14- Topic intro: Unsexy side of traveling as a couple
  • 10:14- #1: All the stomach issues on our honeymoon
  • 12:38- #2: Being dehydrated in France
  • 16:31- #3: Jetlagged in Seoul
  • 20:51- #4: Taking photos and dodging cars
  • 24:30- #5: Getting peed on by a monkey on safari
  • 29:24- #6: The bumpy boat ride to Koh Lipe
  • 33:53- #7: Arguing outside a bagel shop in New York
  • 36:40- #8: An unfortunate incident with a plane, a toilet, and bad turbulence
  • 38:11- #9: Being clumsy in Cusco
  • 41:12- #10: Not enough water on Table Mountain
  • 43:56- Wrap up

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The Unsexy Side of Traveling as a Couple | Top photo is a couple watching the sunset and cuddling and the bottom photo is a full airplane

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