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Travel New Year’s Resolutions

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Let’s talk about travel New Year’s resolutions!

Each year, many of us set resolutions and goals for the following year. We make goals for our careers, health, relationships, and more. But what about in our travels?

In this podcast episode, Chris and I talk about what we want to prioritize in travel in 2022 and discuss our travel New Year’s resolutions from being more sustainable to getting outside of our comfort zone!

What are your travel goals for 2022? Let us know in the comments or you can reach us on Twitter @wwhoneymoon, Instagram @worldwidehoneymoon, or email [email protected].

Lion family gathered together in the Maasai Mara

Time Stamps Travel New Year’s Resolutions:

  • 0:23- Intro
  • 0:40- Updates/chat
  • 2:37- Highlight of the week
  • 4:27- Topic intro: Travel New Year’s Resolutions
  • 6:47- Resolution #1: Offset carbon emissions from travel
  • 8:54- #2: Give places a fair chance
  • 14:51- #3: Hike all the trails in Cuyahoga Valley National Park
  • 18:19- #4: Get outside comfort zone while traveling
  • 20:48- #5: Spend time at a beach
  • 23:14- #6: Make time to travel with loved ones
  • 24:30- #7: See a new national park
  • 25:53- #8: To be more sustainable/eco-friendly
  • 27:12- #9: Each of us plans a weekend trip for the other person!
  • 28:11- #10: Explore more locally
  • 30:46-Wrap up

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Travel New Year's Resolutions

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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