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Best Soups in the World Worth Traveling For

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Ahh soup. Creamy, delicious, savory, and comforting. Almost every corner of the world has some sort of soup dish that is loved by many. That’s why we compiled a list of the best soups in the world worth traveling for in this podcast episode!

From the spicy jjigae in Korea to the herby and thick kulajda soup in the Czech Republic, there is a soup for everyone to enjoy all about the world! In this podcast episode, we discuss the 10 best soups in the world that’ll make you want to book a plane ticket ASAP to get it from the source. So pack that spoon and throw on that sweater! It’s soup season!

What is your favorite soup in the world? Let us know in the comments or you can reach us on Twitter @wwhoneymoon, Instagram @worldwidehoneymoon, or email [email protected].

Tom Yum Soup in Thailand

Time Stamps Best Soups in the World:

  • 0:17- Intro
  • 0:33- Updates/chat
  • 4:54- Highlight of the week
  • 7:36- Topic intro
  • 11:31- #1 Best soups in the world: Canh Chua from Vietnam
  • 13:01- #2: Hot and sour soup from China
  • 15:31- #3: Kulajda from the Czech Republic
  • 17:36- #4: Gumbo from Louisiana
  • 20:26- #5: Lentil soup from the Meditteranean
  • 23:13- #6: Fanesca from Ecuador
  • 27:29- #7: Jjigae from Korea
  • 30:20- #8: Zupa Ogórkowa from Poland
  • 32:51- #9: Pozole from Mexico
  • 35:19-#10: Tom Yum soup from Thailand
  • 38:50- Honorable mentions
  • 41:02- Wrap up

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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