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A Stay at the Peech Boutique Hotel Johannesburg

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For many, Johannesburg is a necessary stop to get to Cape Town or safari. Few tourists ever think to explore this multi-cultural city itself. It turns out that Johannesburg has a charm all its own, bursting with life and history. We stayed a couple of days in Johannesburg and had the pleasure of staying at the Peech Boutique Hotel and were instantly charmed. And while we definitely got out and saw the sights of this amazing city, we made sure to enjoy some much needed R&R at this posh place.

The Peech Boutique Hotel is a cozy place, containing only sixteen suites and bedrooms. At first glance, it appeared to look like a large and lovely home. Two, grey colored bricked buildings were attached via a large, brown door that was wide open, as if to welcome us in. Upon entering, we were welcomed by a smiling receptionist who had informed us that our room was ready. After thirty-five hours of traveling and arriving at 7am Johannesburg time, we were extremely grateful for a chance to rest.

While checking in, we noticed the vibrant blue hues of the reception area, with comfortable chairs, and a fireplace perfect for chilly evenings. Off of the reception area was a conference room, a library, and the bar and restaurant. Each looked crisp and modern, with a touch of tradition.


We observed the gorgeous garden on our way to our room. It contains a lovely pool, a patio area for guests, a sample of the beautiful flowers South Africa is known for, as well as a small vegetable garden for their kitchens. It was the prettiest courtyard of any hotel we have ever seen. We spent a better part of an afternoon just walking around and lounging on the patio, tasting our first sips of South African wine.

Now let’s talk about the room. Maybe we were just excited to have a shower for the first time in a couple of days, or maybe we were excited to be horizontally sleeping again, but this room was a sight for sore eyes. From the décor of tribal-inspired art on the walls, to the shiny turquoise tiles of the bathtub and shower, we were excited to spend time just relaxing in this secret oasis just outside of Johannesburg’s bustling city. We then savored the tea from our tea maker as we sat and enjoyed the garden view from our balcony.

After we relaxed on our balcony, we quickly bathed using the decadent Molton Brown products, and fell into a several hour nap. We woke up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and honestly just excited about this lovely hotel. As we were going to explore the city the following day, we decided to take this day to relax and get on South Africa time. So what did we do? Strolled down to the bar area, asked for a beautiful bottle of South Africa’s famous Pinotage wine, and shared a bottle while sitting on the patio love seat. We chatted about the adventures to come, what we were most excited to see, about our upcoming wedding, and how awesome this experience is already. We sat for at least an hour or two, until the sun fell well below the sky and it was dinnertime.

Let’s talk about the food at the Peech, because they excel here too. We ordered the sea bass over cooked vegetables, which was not only cooked perfectly, but also tasted amazing. Even the chocolate cake was delectable. And the service was next to none as they graciously helped us in picking out a delicious Chenin Blanc to share during our meal. That was only dinner! We also had lunch one day and enjoyed the halloumi cheese salad with avocado, cucumber, onions, and tomato. Thrilled to eat something other than airline food, we savored and loved each bite. We thought that if this is what South African wine and cuisine is, we’d be up for an excellent adventure… and maybe a few extra pounds.

Overall Thoughts

Whether you’re a Joburg local looking for a romantic escape from the busy city, or you’re a traveler wanting to start their trip to South Africa on a perfect note, this is the place for you. From the décor, the gardens, the amazing food and beer and wine selection, and, of course, the spacious and comfortable rooms, we thoroughly enjoyed our two-night getaway at the Peech Boutique Hotel. I would highly recommend this to anyone traveling to Johannesburg.

peech boutqiue

View from our balcony over the garden.

peech boutique hotel

The garden.

peech boutique hotel

The pathway to the main part of the hotel.

peech boutique hotel

Vegetable garden for the kitchen.

Peech boutique hotel

View of our section of the hotel.

peech boutique hotel

Reception and lounge area.

peech boutique hotel

Bar at the Peech.

peech boutique hotel

Dining room where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served. Breakfast is included in your rate.

peech boutique hotel

Our bathroom at the Peech.

peech boutique hotel

The bed in our room.

peech boutique hotel

The sea bass at dinner was sublime.

peech boutique hotel

The halloumi and avocado salad.

Are you heading to Johannesburg? What’s on your itinerary? Let me know in the comments!

**This was not a sponsored post; we just enjoyed the Peech Boutique Hotel and would like to recommend it to others. All opinions are our own.

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