Month: August 2017

Your Guide on How to Find Cheap Flights (Without Miles)

Gone are the days where people go directly to airline websites, compare prices, and find cheap flights to book. You could still do that, but let’s be real it’s extremely inefficient. And when you just researched venues, DJs, florists, and more while wedding planning, who really has that kind of time to find cheap flights? No, I’m not here to talk to you about Kayak. It is probably one of the worst places to start looking for flights. Kayak doesn’t like to show the discount airlines quite as much, so you really don’t get the best deals. It also...

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Starwood Hotels Travel Hacking Incentives for Your Wedding!

Yes it’s true! Okay, maybe they’re not labeling it Starwood Hotels travel hacking incentives per se, but the amount of rewards you get for booking your wedding and/or reception at one of these hotels is pretty fantastic. How did I find this out? From experience, of course. My fiancé and I were looking around at numerous venues, and I started to look into hotel weddings. They seem fairly straight forward, right? You book the venue, they take care of food, alcohol, tables, chairs, linens, silverware, insurance, wait staff, etc. I mean it doesn’t get more inclusive unless they bought...

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Missed Flight? Preparing for the Unexpected.

Have you ever had to sprint to your gate or worse, had to deal with a missed flight? It’s typically a not so fun and costly experience. It also almost always puts stress on every person, especially couples. The best way to never have to endure this situation is to prepare, but sometimes, even with the most meticulous planning, mishaps can occur. My story, while not with my fiancé, goes like this: My bestie and myself were having so much fun hanging out in Budapest (one of my favorite cities) chatting with our hostel mates about the awesome Bath Party we...

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Honeymoon Fund —Tacky or the Way of the Future Couple?

For couples moving in with their significant other for the first time upon marriage, a wedding registry is an amazing way to get several items they need before said big move. You know, like towels, bedding, dishes, blenders, etc. But for couples that have either lived alone previously or lived together prior to those nuptials, some of the typical wedding registry items are a bit redundant. For instance, I lived with my fiancé for over a year before getting engaged and we both lived alone at some point prior to that. When I moved in, we already had to...

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10 Reasons Why Wedding Planning is the Perfect Time to Start Travel Hacking

So you’re starting to plan the wedding and after seeing how much it costs to feed and booze up all of your guests, thinking about that honeymoon can seem so far away, both financially and emotionally. But come on, we all know one of the best parts of getting married is going on a fantastic honeymoon! And coming from personal experience, this is the perfect time to start travel hacking. Because at the end of the day, after spending $500 for a cake, paying for crazy expensive airline tickets just seems ridiculous. Here’s why now is the perfect time...

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