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10 Countries that are Inexpensive to Fly to

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10 Countries that are Inexpensive to Fly to

Is it just me or is airfare getting cheaper? I remember a few years ago that I was lucky to get a ticket to Europe for under $1,000. But now, thanks in part to discount airlines beginning to dominate the markets and drive down the cost of regular carriers, I’m seeing flights for less than $500! So let’s take a look at which countries that are inexpensive to fly to for your honeymoon. It may surprise you.

FYI- I calculated how cheap these destinations are to fly to based on a price to distance ratio and based prices off of an average of Chicago and Cleveland’s flights, as most people generally have a layover to a larger city before flying out internationally, but some people also fly internationally direct via their larger airport hub. Flight prices are based on Skyscanner.

Okay, now that we’ve got the nerdy explanation done, let’s check out these amazing honeymoon destinations!

Palawan, Philippines water and mountains.

Use Manila as a jumping off point to explore Palawan or Boracay.

1. Manila, Philippines

Looking to visit Boracay or El Nido for perfect and pristine beaches? Manila could be a perfect springboard for a flight to paradise! With flights averaging at $654 starting prices and the number of miles totaling 16,417 round-trip, that ratio is about $0.04 per mile!

bird's eye view of Reykjavik, Iceland.

Iceland may be more of a challenge to stay in budget once there, but it can be done! The flights, however, are super cheap!

2. Reykjavik, Iceland

Okay, so with WOW Air and Icelandic Air now serving smaller airports in the United States, getting to Iceland, or even using Iceland as a cheaper way to fly into Europe, is easier than ever. With flights from a starting average of $196 round trip and the distance there and back being 5,716 miles, that puts the price to mile ratio right at $0.03 per mile.

old fort butting up against the water in San Juan

Explore the old and new architecture in San Juan and the island as a whole.

3. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Looking to visit the Caribbean and take in the delights of Puerto Rico? They have hotels and resorts up and running post hurricane and your business is always appreciated! With flights starting at an average of $220 and the miles round-trip being 3,909 miles, you’d be spending $0.06 per mile on your trip.

sunset over the River Liffy, Dublin.

The only thing more beautiful than a Dublin sunset over the River Liffy is a cold Guinness to accompany it.

4. Dublin, Ireland

The perfect Irish road trip begins with your flight to Dublin. Exploring the pub and music scene before taking in the delightful views of Dingle Peninsula and Cliffs of Moher sound pretty perfect. And for an average starting flight price of $349 to get there and 7,106 miles, your ratio is $0.05 per mile.

Camps Bay views, Cape Town.

Fly into Joburg to explore before heading out to Cape Town or safari!

5. Johannesburg, South Africa

South Africa is probably one of my favorite countries. From the heartbeat in Johannesburg, to the wildness of safari, and even the beaches and laid-back vibes of Cape Town, it’s a honeymooner’s dream. And for an average flight price of $814 and total miles of 17,095 round-trip, it’s a bargain of $0.05 a mile! The fact that we purchased our flights at $850 a person last year means that travel to here is even more affordable than ever!

ocean views in Puerto Vallarta.

Not just for Bachelor in Paradise, it’s cheap to get to and a beautiful location for a honeymoon!

6. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

It’s no secret that Mexico is cheap to fly to and has been a favorite honeymoon destination for years. Delicious cuisine, ancient ruins, and warm beaches make for the best spot to relax. And for $244 average starting prices round-trip and 4,610 miles, you’re looking at $0.05 per mile.

colorful buildings in Tel Aviv.

Israel is the perfect mix of history and modernity and you may need to check it out!

7. Tel Aviv, Israel

Looking to float in the Dead Sea, explore the old city of Jerusalem, or lounge by stunning beaches in Tel Aviv? Israel may be the perfect combination of culture, history, and fun that you need to see for yourself! Flights average an astounding starting price of $445 round-trip and the mileage is 12,122, making this only $0.04 per mile.

back of Notre Dame, Paris.

Paris is a classic, and it’s no wonder why.

8. Paris, France

To stroll around the Eifel Tower, nibbling on macaroons, and taking in all of the architecture and art that the city has to offer, before watching the city light up at night may be the most romantic day. And with average starting flight costs of $340 and 8,062 miles round-trip, $0.04 a mile isn’t bad to visit the city of lights.

Rainbow Mountain, Peru.

Lima is a great starting point to check out all the beauty of Peru.

9. Lima, Peru

Peru is having its moment now more than ever, thanks to so many lovely photos of Machu Picchu showing up on our Instagram feeds. Combine that with the Amazon Rainforest, beaches along the coast, and the mysterious Lake Titicaca, Peru is a dream. For $392 starting average round-trip and 7,493 miles, you can take on this adventure for $0.05 per mile.

Sydney Opera House at night.

The fact that you can get a flight under $1,000 to Australia seriously is crazy and amazing!

10. Sydney, Australia

With average starting prices of $858 round-trip and the mileage being 18,760, the ratio is only $0.05 per mile. And the fact that you can even find flights under $1,000 per person for Australia astounds me! So why not? Explore the Great Barrier Reef or take a road-trip along the famous Great Ocean Road. Visit the Sydney Opera House and discover the quirkiness of Melbourne.

Surprised by any locations? I have to say, being able to fly to almost every continent for under $1,000 is a far cry from several years ago. Maybe we’ve got discount airlines to thank, or perhaps more efficient planes. Either way, I’m thankful that when it comes to your honeymoon, the possibilities are truly endless.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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