Month: January 2018

The Perfect South African Safari

The Perfect South African Safari The river meanders its way toward the lavender and rose-colored sky as the sun is setting over the African bush. The sounds of the night begin: small owls hoot softly; a grunt of a hippo deciding to leave the safety of water for food; a gentle whisper indicates wind or an animal close at hand. We stand in awe from the cliff overlooking the scene, sipping a glass of South African Chenin Blanc, and chatting with our fellow adventure seekers. We ponder: Is this how one feels when truly connecting with nature, away from...

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10 Day $5,000 Thailand Honeymoon Budget

Who says you have to break your honeymoon budget to stay in luxury? With wedding planning underway, I’m sure you’ve noticed that you mention “wedding” and somewhere the price doubles. It’s easy to feel disheartened. Often, people think this means that they cannot have an amazing honeymoon or at least have to wait years before they can scrounge up funds for it. But you shouldn’t have to give up your dream honeymoon! Did you know you could live luxuriously in Thailand for 10 days for about $5,000? Here’s how to turn your dream Thai honeymoon into a reality. Check...

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The Perfect Wedding Planning Travel Hacking Guide

Maybe you’re newly engaged and already pumped for that wedding and honeymoon! Maybe you’ve been engaged for a while and are starting to figure out plans. Or maybe you know you’ll be getting engaged soon and figured “why not start looking into the honeymoon”? Either way, congrats on this huge next step in your life! Soon you’ll be tasting cakes, buying a dress or suit/tux, and searching for the perfect venue. Yes, it’s really stressful at times. Yes, no matter how many hours you poured over your budget, it seems like everything is higher than you expected. But, it’ll...

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5 Travel Credit Card Perks (That Aren’t Miles)

When it comes to flying for under $100 anywhere in the world, travel credit card sign-ups are the most lucrative way to earn miles. With many cards offering between 30,000-100,000 miles as a sign-up bonus, it’s easy to earn a round-trip flight in no time. It’s exactly how we booked our business class flight for our Southeast Asian honeymoon, and it’s how you can book your dream honeymoon too! But while we’ve talked at length about the benefits of miles, now I want to talk about amazing travel perks these travel credit cards offer that aren’t miles. Check out...

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10 Rules for Travel Hacking Success

With the new year upon us and a honeymoon to plan, it’s time to start considering how to bring down the costs. Travel hacking, or the opening of credit cards for extra sign-up airline mile bonuses, is basically the extreme couponing of travel. And just like extreme couponing, it can save you thousands of dollars! However, unlike extreme couponing, if you’re not careful, it can completely ruin your credit. While risky, if you travel hack responsibly, and follow these rules, not only will you probably have better credit than when you started, but tons of almost free travels ahead of...

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