Month: December 2017

12 Gifts for the Perfect Honeymoon Registry

In between sending Save-the-Dates, pinning the perfect centerpiece ideas, and sampling cakes, it’s about time to start thinking about what to put on your gift registry. Depending on the size of your event, that can seem rather daunting. You can find thousands of lists on what should go on the registry: some you all may need and register for, and some you won’t. But if you’re running out of ideas, or absolutely love travel like my fiancé, Chris, and myself, here are some amazing honeymoon registry ideas! 1. Honeymoon Fund This may seem like the obvious first choice, but...

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The One Site for Christmas Shopping Travel Hacking

It’s getting closer to Christmas and with everyone rushing around to find the perfect gifts, I couldn’t be gladder to actually have finished earlier this month. Trust me, most of the time it’s chaos until the end. I’m even happier about the fact that I gained over 2,000 miles via shopping online! And no, I definitely did not spend $2,000 to do it. After wedding deposits this month, I’ve been keeping Christmas light. But I want to show you just how I did it, so you can rack up those miles too! Because why not gift yourself with miles...

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A Stay at the Peech Boutique Hotel Johannesburg

For many, Johannesburg is a necessary stop to get to Cape Town or safari. Few tourists ever think to explore this multi-cultural city itself. It turns out that Johannesburg has a charm all its own, bursting with life and history. We stayed a couple of days in Johannesburg and had the pleasure of staying at the Peech Boutique Hotel and were instantly charmed. And while we definitely got out and saw the sights of this amazing city, we made sure to enjoy some much needed R&R at this posh place. The Peech Boutique Hotel is a cozy place, containing...

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The Three Cards You Need to Fly Business Class to Southeast Asia for $60

Last week I talked about all things related to collecting airline miles. With all of those tools, my fiancé and I have managed to collect over 500,000 miles since February of this year. To put that into perspective, these miles are enough to fly business class to Southeast Asia round-trip as well as to send us to Europe round-trip in economy and even for me to book a flight to Nashville for a weekend trip with friends. So 5 flights, including business class for our honeymoon, is what we have earned just through collecting airline miles like I discussed...

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