Month: November 2017

Your Guide to Gaining Frequent Flyer Miles

Last month, I booked a flight that cost me only $11.20. It was a flight from Cleveland to Nashville for a fun girl’s weekend getaway. How did I do this? By using my Delta Skymiles that I had earned! It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with collecting frequent flyer miles and actually started this past February. I’m now almost up to 315,000 miles. And while that is an impressive number, it means nothing if you don’t put them to use! So for my first award flight, I used 16,500 Delta Skymiles and $11.20 in taxes for a round-trip flight....

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Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai

What’s a romantic vacation without a little adrenaline rush thrown in? Enter shark cage diving. We had already been on safari, venturing just six feet away from animals that could kill us in seconds if they had wished. My heart stopped the first time we saw a lion that close. But nevertheless we both wanted to face our fear of sharks once and for all in the only place in the world that was most convenient to do it: Shark Alley. I had wanted to visit for years. I grew up watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, and...

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5 Ways to Go Luxury for Less on Your Honeymoon

Most of us dream about lavish hotel suites, champagne and strawberries, and spa treatments galore on our honeymoon. However, those can come with a pretty hefty price tag. Much like weddings, you can have fancy, but be prepared for the exponential cost. Unlike weddings, however, there are amazing ways to actually achieve luxury for less on your honeymoon. Read on to find out how! Collect airline miles for upgraded flights and lounge access.  Taking a long-haul flight? Wouldn’t it be amazing to sit in business or first class, eating gourmet food, drinking free champagne, and sleeping in a lay-flat...

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Have Flexibility on When You go on Honeymoon? Use These Tools for Finding Flight Deals!

Maybe you’re determined to head straight for the honeymoon immediately after the wedding is over. It is perfectly understandable: you’ve spent months planning and stressing over things such as flower arrangements and decorations for crying out loud! I can’t even begin to explain the amount of relief a bride I know had the morning after the wedding when she said how happy she was to no longer have to plan said wedding. She was so excited to leave for Ireland for her honeymoon that day. But if you’ve got some flexibility as to when you honeymoon, it could save...

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